Escaping the Heat

Be Smart like Charlie Blue 


We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to remember your pets when the heat presses upon us. Summer is time we expect the temperatures to rise above one-hundred degrees. Yesterday, our temperature at OwyheeStar exceeded 105 degrees. In many ways, this is worse than the heat of the summer. No one, pet or person is acclimated to the warmer temps.

Water Sports are a Good Choice

It is important to make sure you, and your pets are hydrated. Make sure you choose shade, and avoid the hottest part of the day. Water sports are always a good choice.

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Wendy and Roo were spotted ending the night with an evening-swim. After all, It’s still so warm out! We doubt it was over a hundred degrees, but hot is hot.

About OwyheeStar

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  1. It’s the time where we have to skip the noon-patrol and walk in the evening, it’s sometimes unbelievable how hot the streets can be… too hot for paws. I always test it with my hands, even when our neighbors laugh at me :o)

    • I love the hand test……I know everyone is aware it is warmer, but safety for our beloved fur family members is more complicated than for us. We make a choice based on what we are experiencing. Sometimes we just forget how the heat will affect our Weimaraner. ……hugs to you!

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