The Many Faces of Winnie

Oh How Time Flies…

I have sent some newer pics of Winnie and some from her photo shoot. Winnie loves her naps and taking them with either her toys or her people (I prefer the latter, because it allows me to slow down and enjoy some quiet time). Winnie has learned how to use the dog door and the potty training has commenced. We are now on to the new tasks of leash walking/running and bird hunting training, both are going very well.

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Queen Bee Winnie

She rules the roost. When we feed Max (our 6 year old chocolate lab), Winnie will go to his bowl and he graciously moves aside for her to have his food. Max is so gentle and playful with her. We hope all is well with you both!
~Sherena & Brendan

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  1. This photos are artpieces (the one with the paw!!!) and they show more of this wonderful Weimaraners than all photos of Mr. Wegman… that’s for sure. Congrats for taking such wonderful photos and Congrats for having such a cute model like Winnie :o)

  2. Shela & Cliff, you have the best looking weims(well I have the best one!)! BEAUTIFUL pictures Sherena & Brendan!

  3. Cheryl Wertheimer

    How adorable

    Sent from my iPhone Cheryl Wertheimer


  4. These are amazing pics, my daughter and I were talking just today about how photogenic the breed is 😀

    • I think it can be; however, it can also be difficult. They are not always willing to pose. The grays pick up a hue from the background, and sometimes i think that works against a great photos. I think they have an expressive-quality, that when it is captured is hard to top. :O)

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