Champion Willow

Brings Home the Ribbons and Trophies

Here she is today with her bounty- lots of nice ribbons and two pretty hand-blown glass vase trophies. Good Girl Willow! UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, UROI, TDI 

May 31, 2015 -- UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, UROI, TDI

May 31, 2015 –UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-Trial Champion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, UROI, TDI

Fun at the American Eskimo Dog sponsored UKC shows in Chehalis

My friend Patricia showed her and Anna Daly‘s Flatcoated Retriever “Moss” and I showed OwyheeStar Weimaraners my beautiful girl “Willow”. It is so great that UKC offers Altered (spayed/neutered) classes now so that those of us with altered dogs can still show in conformation. Moss took two Group Firsts and Willow took Altered Best In Show and Altered Reserve Best In Show, we were so proud of them! 



It was a totally fun but exhausting, long day yesterday at the shows!  My friend Patricia, and I went down together. We took Willow, Moss (and my little Daisy just for fun.)  It was at a fairgrounds in Chehalis and was a nice venue, the weather was perfect and we visited and snacked and sat in the sun while watching the shows ringside.  Patricia took two Group 1’s with her Flatcoat; they had a lot of quality competition and they were very nice wins.   

I am happy that UKC is now offering altered classes, there was not much competition but we had a blast and as I said in my prior emails, Willow took Altered BIS and Altered RBIS, we have a pile of cool ribbons and two beautiful glass trophies–the ones you see in the photo at the top of this blog.  
The judges had such nice comments for us- one said she has the most beautiful coat she has seen on a Weimar (thank you longhair gene!)  They both asked about why she was spayed because she was such a gorgeous dog, and obviously they both really liked her to give the awards they did.  Willow was the perfect girl, as soon as I put her show collar and leash on she knows what to do, she stacks herself and gaits like a dream.  We always get comments about her balanced, sound movement.
As always at dog shows, there were spectators and children there, and lots of people were petting Willow and I told them she is a certified Therapy Dog.  She took everything in stride and was the perfect lady!
Breeder’s Comment: Thank you Jan and Willow for making us look good. We appreciate your efforts, and achievements. You are both awesome.

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  1. Congratulations Willow!!!! It must be a pleasure to visit a show with you … and it’s a pleasure to read about you :o) I only got ice cream and a green chewing bone, no ribbon or trophy… :o)

  2. Sometimes participation is a reward in and of itself. you are a delight Mr. Easy…

  3. absolutely :o) and if all people laugh then my dad can be proud, because he brought joy to the world :o)

  4. If they laugh; well……we know the truth. They are rude, and probably full of themselves. Nonetheless, they got the free laugh …….who cares. You had the guts to make the try without help. Good for you!

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