Joy encounters bench danger

Hi Shela & Cliff,
I found a very good GSP breeder and brought home a female puppy named Joy.  I’ll send more about how


Bliss looking for a friend to come her direction…

Bliss is doing with the new addition but wanted to share this afternoon’s experience.  I send the following message to the GSP breeder so she could share with other dog owners she knows.

Thanks again for a great Weim and for sharing important information with others,


All is well but we had a scare at my neighbor’s house I wanted to let you know so you can share with your other puppy parents.  You might want to include this or something similar in your next puppy binder.
I was siting on a neighbor’s bench this afternoon and picked up Joy and put her in my lap.  I didn’t think to hold her tight enough and she crawled from my lap and fell off the bench getting her hind leg caught between the slats.  She seems to be okay now, I carried her home but let her move around in my back yard and didn’t notice her favoring her leg.  I’m going to keep her quiet for the rest of the night just in case.
In hind sight, if I had stopped to really survey and think I might have seen this danger, but hopefully someone else can learn from this experience.  From a search on the web there have been multiple leg injuries, and some very serious  with slatted benches. The bench at my neighbors house had wider spaces between the seat slats.  We were lucky. Here is the blog I discovered on this topic that might interest other pet persons. Two photos were removed for this post, but the most important one remains–the bench.

blog-6-15-13-danger-benchDanger in the Dog Run: Dog Walkers and Owners Beware of New Benches

Look at the gap between the two outermost slats in the new model bench being introduced by the NYC Parks Department.  A dog could easily break his leg — as one of our dogs did last week.   The vets say they are seeing more of these injuries since these new benches started to appear in recent months.

This trauma  is totally unnecessary.   Please join us in spreading the word that this new bench model is dangerous and let your dog run manager hear from you.   A simple solution might be to send the old model benches to the dog runs and reserve the new model for the Riverside, Morningside and Central Park pathways where people sit.

Wowee! That’s a big gap. A guy could get tripped up.

This is Fosco.  He’s 8 years old and 7 lbs.  On Friday, he launched himself from this bench in the Morningside Park dog run, caught his leg in the gap and snapped it in two.  It was very scary.

The take-aways were many:  how speedy transportation, dog walker backup, and good luck played critical roles; and what the medical risks were, especially in a toy dog.

Symphony Vet praised us for getting him to treatment so quickly, saying that had he not been rushed in and immobilized as quickly as he was, one of the broken bones would likely have pierced the skin and that would have required an amputation.  As it was, we were all very lucky that Dr. Jane Kosovsky, known to many of us on the Upper West Side as THE canine orthopedic surgeon, was available to speed over to Symphony to set his leg with metals plates.  His recovery will take a solid four months, including 6 weeks of virtually total immobility.  His bandages will have to be changed regularly and he will have to be sedated each time, a particular risk for a toy dog.  We are all so relieved by such a positive outcome, but he is not out of the woods yet:  he is not eating and three days in has to be fed intravenously.  Our hearts go out to Fosco and his family.

Ok, Fosco is a small dog and in case you’re thinking it couldn’t happen to your dog, here’s a photo of Zooey inserting his whole arm in the gap on another bench.  All it takes is forward motion on the dog’s part and an immoveable bench slat.We can sit on five slats, can’t we? We don’t need six.

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  1. Oh poor Joy… hope everyting is fine with some rest….
    I feel sorry for the NYC pups who made such a bad experience with the new benches… and they can be dangerous for little kids too…

  2. Great dog service sharing the warning, Shela & Katherine!

    Hey, Katherine, we recently added a GSP to the pack & our weim is doing well being training up that puppy. They are both great breeds.

  3. Agreed–serious cool-looking, but for sure hazardous to pets, children, and ?.

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