Goldee turns Two

Happy Birthday Goldee

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Today we celebrated Goldee’s second birthday!!!  I think she had a fabulous day.  We planned to go on a hike, but when my searching for favorite trails for our furry friends, I came across an amazing dog park called Thousand Acres.  I have heard of this park before, but it’s about a 40 minute drive from our house and we have just never thought to drive there to let the girls play.  Boy, we were in for a REAL treat.  The weather was gorgeous today, matching Goldee’s sunny disposition.  The park is literally a 1000 acres of well maintained fields and pathways.  I am sure we only saw a small portion of the grassy fields before finding the water access.  We haven’t had much opportunity to get Goldee back to the water-we are weenies when it comes to cold water and cold weather-and she followed Autzen’s lead right into the water.  She had a total blast jumping and splashing in the water, she let Autzen take the lead on retrieving from the river but would help with bringing the stick back to us.  Both of our girls just had the best time.  I knew I had to get some photos, because I owe you more than just silly Face Book pictures =)

Goldee had the absolute best day, that is until I made her take a bath.  She was less than pleased about that.  I think she has since forgiven me.
We are so happy that we got to spend the day spoiling our girl for her second birthday.  We look forward to MANY, MANY more birthdays with her.  And we can’t wait to get her and Jax out to 1000 Acres, I am sure the two of them will surely turn everyone’s head =)
Oh, and I forgot to mention, of the 100’s of dogs and their owners one person knew Goldee was a Long Hair Weimar(they had a Vizsla), they not only mentioned how rare LH’s are they also called her exotic.  Those are two words I use to describe Goldee to just about everyone I meet, it made my day to hear other people think they same thing I do about these wonderful LH’s!!
Have a wonderful week Shela and everyone out at the Weimar Farm!

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Goldee! You are beautiful like all longhaired Weims , maybe you are exotic and rare but always beautiful :o)

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