Surprises, Gifts, and Whatnot

The Weimaraner Delights in it!

I didn't mean to do it...

I didn’t mean to do it…

We are talking about the gifts they bring you. It could be a field mouse, a little bird, or some indescribable stink pile of something. They are proud of what they have done, but in turn they might feel your displeasure. They might find you not joining in their delight. Sometimes what they find is perfume–they indulge with a roll. They are totally perplexed at why you are bathing away the great scent. The Weimaraner is a bird dog. Even country folk might find their self less than appreciative of the Weimaraner’s  antics, but those who live in a pristine environment are even less enthusiastic. The truth be told, all too many people are initially drawn to the traditional Weimaraner because of the clean look, and thought of less dog debris. Putting those thoughts aside, there are other things to consider when you bring home the Weimaraner. Those who want other than a hunting dog, have to understand that the traits are woven deeply into the breed. They may have to make adjustments. Debbie writes of Izzy…

We have a bird dog,  Izzie brought in two birds from our back yard yesterday.  I guess I can’t have my feeders up anymore.

Fortunately, Debbie and Jerry are going to adjust, and adapt. They will relocate the bird feeders. At our home, we have given up on attracting birds. We have hundreds of various birds, but the pretty finches, etc. are not baited for our delight. We have two resident red hawks, at least a couple smaller hawks (Kestrels), and down the road a piece, we recently discovered an active owl’s nest. Bird feeders are also fair game for the birds of prey. We hope they will select farm rodents (field mice, voles, etc.) for their dinner. On occasion, Cliff looses training birds to the red tails. They have to eat too!

I didn't touch it Mama....

I didn’t touch it Mama….

Polliwog season is approaching in Malheur County–this is a precursor summer frog and toad tunes.  If you don’t know, the polliwog is another name for the tadpole. A lot of us have fun memories of catching them, and then placing them in a bucket or glass jar. Please keep in mind that some of these critters are toxic. The level of toxicity varies. They can make your Weimaraner very ill, and are best avoided. Nevertheless, the temptation is great. As you can see Kirby is eyeing a find in this photo. Thank you for these great photos. We have been hoping for such a photo for some time.

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  1. My 0wyhee Weim has become a beach / city dog…..he will run right past rabbits while chasing his ball like a lunatic…..the rabbits at the park don’t even bother to run anymore….when he shows up. I know there’s a hunting dog somewhere under all that “cushy life” of couch surfing….. When I originally contacted Shela, I mentioned that I would prefer a low prey drive puppy. Shela’s ability to match us together was uncanny.

  2. Thank you Rod. We tried to find a lesser prey-drive Weim. I am sure he has some interest, but the other side of the coin is that concrete-thinking Weimaraner likes the routine. They thrive on what they deem as their norm; so getting off to the right kind of start helps. Getting them to want to please, and obey helps a lot. Finally, Sunny prefers the ball to bunnies–this is what he does. It is perfect. :O)

  3. We removed the bird feeder too, it was like a Mc Drive or Mc Fly for Easy. The toads are awful, I so agree, the meet&greet ended with a pill for Easy and a bill for his dad… and the next day he did it again…I was speechless and we went on “toad patrol” before the pill&bill thingy became daily routine :o(

  4. No one would imagine being on toad-patrol. Yes, the birds are like Mc Dinner for Weims; however, I didn’t mention that birds bring other misfortune. They can bring coccidia, giardia, and other not so welcome parasites, etc.

  5. I agree and specially the dead birds on the road can be dangerous treats…

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