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Owyheestar says goodbye to March

IMG_1589April is in full swing! It is never clear what is around the corner, except for spring flowers. Rain, sunshine, and chilly wind are both a threat, and a promise. Bella’s bonnet might come in handy for more than a photo shoot.

As the earth wakes, sending forth green shoots it also shouts out a wakeup call to other less welcome critters. It is time to watch for the emerging rattler. They may lie in wait along frequented trails, and paths. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife website has the following to say about the Western Rattlesnake.

Emergence from hibernation can begin as early as March, depending on the species, location and weather. Snakes will stay close to the hibernaculum in the spring, basking on nearby rocks during warmer day and returning to its safe depths during cold nights. This pattern will continue until the day and nighttime temperatures stabilize

in the late spring and the snakes leave for their summer hunting grounds.

 We will discuss the rattlesnake threat in more detail very soon. It is important to be on the lookout; this is especially true with the warmer temperatures. It is a fun time. People are planting, mowing, and dreaming of the summer produce. Be safe!

The Week on the Blog….

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible! We are a bit thin on material to work with, but there was enough.

Sunday April 5 — Easter Delights to You!

Monday April 6— How Long Should I expect to Wait?

Tuesday April 7 – Lingering Bunny Ears and Basket Breath

Wednesday April 8 — Hope and Bliss

Thursday  April 9 —Frantic for Fluff

Friday  April 10 — How Did You Spend Easter Sunday?

On a very personal note……

Our primary focus has been on the spring pups. Nonetheless, we have other things requiring attention. Cliff had a new irrigation pump installed. He has to get it wired, and running this week. In the long haul, it is going to save money, by reducing the energy cost. That is always a good thing. I am embroiled in the on-going after cancer treatment. Each person has their own set of hoops to navigate after this kind of traumatic event, and in the end it is about survival. I try to make the best possible choices. Other than this, we have been busy working on the farmhouse remodel. I am happy with how that is coming together. Life is challenging, but it oh so good.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–as I said above, I am running low on material. I need them for inspiration, and they brighten our day. Yes, and allow us to have something to share.

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  1. I’m sure the farmhouse look great when you finished your work :o) I had the rattlers in my mind as Hell-mut the tortoise finished his hibernation, I hope all peeps&pets will be careful. I was always a little sad that we haven’t so much wildlife around us, but now I think it’s ok like it is… even the imagination to meet one of this guys makes me shiver :o)

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