Big Things are Not so Big

Not much scares Nancy’s Luna girl.

image5Mom’s big diesal truck strating/running … Not scary
Tractor starting/running … Not scary
Things accidentally getting dropped on the floor … Not scary (that means i have a few seconds to try to get into whatever mom dropped before she can contain me!)
image2Mom clapping & yelling my name trying to get me to stop something … Not scary
Cats & vacuuming … A little scary, but really more dangerous than scary, kind of exciting ( except the orange dragon cat, she’s scary!)
The beeps & noises cell phones make … That’s scary! But i just run to mom & she makes it better!


Breeder’s Note: You might remember the recent post that featured “Ghost.” The conditioning of a pup, goes a long way to them learning how to cope when the unexpected comes calling. It is always important to be prepared for the upsetting incident. Your preparation is all about how you will handle the incident, to prevent ingraining a fear. The most natural thing to do is to reassure, and to try to soothe them; however, this is the worst way to handle it. If you have a trainer, they should teach you what to do. If you are winging it, then remember to stay calm, inside and out. Your alarm will not help the situation. Then move forward, and out of the situation, and be calm. Stay cool, and go on about your business without making a huge deal out of whatever just occurred. We know this is a very simple, and generic explanation, but it covers a multitude of things that could happen. When you are upset, or more a big deal out of something, it colors how your Weimaraner responds. If your heart jumps inside, and you are rattled, they pick up on the signal that they should be alarmed. 

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  1. That’s amazing that they fear no Count Vaccula nor howling sirenes of an ambulance… but it’s the end of the world when a phone rings in tv or when we use the ice crusher of the fridge :o)

  2. This is oh so true and easier said than done!! It took Skye 15 months to go down our scary open back deck stairs and Haze did it at 15 weeks!! Every dog is different and persistence and positive reward will prevail! Still working on “stuff” at 22 months old and will continue to until we succeed. Never give up even when it is really really hard.

    • The Weimaraner makes a better person out of us; it makes us a better trainer–if we live through the process. No two Weims, or persons are identical. We are never going to have the same exact scenario unfold again. People who try to do everything the same way, or work avoid past mistakes, still encounter problems. No, it is not easy. I always hate to mention all the things that can go wrong. A lot can go right, but in one moment, something can spin sideways. After that, it can take months to modify the event’s impact. Regardless, it is so worth the trip down this path–spoken like a true addict.

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