Two Comfortable Weims

Good morning…

Here is a pic of Kula and Pilikia roughing it as usual waiting for their morning run. ~ BrentIMG_4782

Breeder’s Comment: Do you remember when the dog was relegated to the yard? Me either. I do remember the farm dog came inside, but they had to stay on the rug by the door. Farm dog status; however, has flown the coop. We receive countless photos that feature the Weimaraner on the furniture, in bed, and sometimes on top of the dining table. Actually, the last one is usually not caught on film, but is mentioned in passing. For example, one couple ordered a special birthday cake and left it on the table. They came home to find the cake cleaned up. Another person reported they were caught speechless when the flat-footed Weimaraner hopped on top of the kitchen table. 
We recommend not letting your Weimaraner eat off the kitchen counter or the dining table. Yes, you may use the sofa if there is room left for you. You might be the designated pillow. 

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  1. I remember this time… it would be the end of the world for my grandafather when he would see a dog in bed or on the sofa…. I wonder what he would say about a mini pig what sleeps in bed too :o)

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