Ava Blue

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We were sorry to hear about your illness.  My husband, Corie, went through cancer treatments, surgeries, etc. since we found out he had stage 3 colon cancer in 2010.  So, our plans of going hunting with the dogs didn’t happen but we have the loveliest, most spoiled, weims on the planet!  Ava Blue is now 6 1/2 years old (hard to believe).  She is 53 pounds of fun.  She loves to snuggle on the bed as long as she gets to be touching you and she has a blanket to suckle on.  She goes to doggie daycare with her adopted sister Maizey twice a week and is always the center of attention when we go to the local hardware store.  She loves to run through the neighbors orchard chasing anything that will move but the big thrill is to see her when she hears a pheasant!  You can definitely tell hunting is in her blood.

Love that you are on Facebook now, I will send people there when they ask about puppies.  I know our neighbors and one of the gals from the cancer center have adopted some of your puppies.  They love them.

Be good to yourself Shela.  I know there are days that is hard to do but sometimes you just need to focus on getting well.  I wish we weren’t so far away or I would come over to help you guys.

Take care, Jeanne and Corie

Breeder’s Note: Life happens, and cancer is no respecter of person. We are all equal candidates. We can make lifestyle changes that help us dodge the bullet, but that is not a guarantee. It is life-changing. We remember you being embattled with the challenges; it is so nice to have the update on Ava Blue. Thanks ever so much!

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  1. What a wonderful and heartwarming letter. Ava blue is a beautiful girl and I’m always glad when I read how much joy you brought to your clients with this wonderful pups. Many Thanks, you make the world a little brighter … even on a day with a solar eclipse over europe (it was far away to be amazing, just a cloudy grey sky and an icy wind).

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