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Our attitude makes all the difference on every level! For that reason, I thought we should share with you that we kept the two females from the Francee X Duck mating. One (Dazee) is a smooth coat; the other (Atti), is a longhair. Yes, these are sisters.

Does the longhair make your heart sing? It may sound silly, but for some folks who have discovered them, they could never be without one. There is something whimsical, but at the same time, all business about them. They are all-Weimaraner. Others of you have no use for seeing or hearing about them. Dazee is a sweet smooth-coat. If we mate her to Stackhouse (who is not related to her lineage), they will produce a percentage of longhair pups in the litter, as well as some smooth-coats. Of course, nothing can happen for a couple of years. They are too young. it might also be noteworthy to mention if either of them are mated to a longhair stud, there would also be a chance that they might produce a Stockhaar–another not so common coat length.

It is hard to imagine frowning at these cute photos. Even, our new assistant took them for us. We have to plan for the future. We cannot breed a female forever, so eventually you must add some new faces, and bloodlines.

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  1. they are super cute…. The longhairs are great, their fur is like silk, it was a completely new experience for me :o)

    • At first, it seemed strange. The idea of the different look was shocking. Then, the whimsical-look caught hold, and their winning personality was a deal-maker. After all, they are a Weimaraner too!

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