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Potted Weims -- Available in Oregon

Potted Weims — Available in Oregon

No matter how you feel about legalized marijuana, it is available in some form (or other) in various locations throughout the United States. Specifically, Oregon and Washington have legalized marijuana programs. The hoopla surrounding this issue creates an on-going heated debate; some folks are for it, and other cite a number of reasons it is a bad idea. Nonetheless, somehow we missed the fact that weed-laced edibles are being served to Northwest pets.  

Modern Farmer Headline

Companies Selling Weed-Laced Therapeutic Pet Products

The FDA 

The companies that were targeted by the FDA were advertising their supplements as having various amazing properties: reducing the risk of cancer, preventing dementia and more. That’s what really steams the FDA’s clams: you can’t claim your product, even a product for animals, provides medical benefits when none have been proven.

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  1. $3 per capsule for grass clippings… not fair to play with the hope of the people who think it helps their pets…:o(

    • I thought this should be something we are aware of up front. Who can really say whether this would help or not. In Oregon, you could get real marijuana and give them a little. I don’t know enough about it to say what would work, or whether there is any benefit. That would be something a person would have to try to figure out, and I guess if you were desperate you might try it. Desperate–meaning your dog has cancer, and is in terrible pain, and you want to see if a little helps. We cannot endorse, or dismiss this notion; however, paying for something that is nothing seems beyond sad. People hoping for the miracle being duped with little of nothing (of medicinal pot) seems sad, and wrong. This is a tough topic, and we really cannot even know what to think. Each person needs to digest the information, and make their own decision. I am glad you found it interesting.

      • It’s mean that they promise help and at the end you get nothing :o( If I had no other plan and the vet would agree, I would try it with real weed too… We got a weed-med from our vet once for the cataract of one of our huskies and we actually were successful…

  2. Kat — thank you for sharing that positive outcome. I think marijuana can be used for certain instances with positive outcomes. It is interesting to note you used it with success on the Husky’s cataract. Good to know

    False hope, and empty ingredients makes me livid. Consumers have to be informed, and smart. The problem is when you are grasping at straws you will try almost anything. When it comes to your pet, there is no need explain why these folks are emotion-based consumers.

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