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Birthday_GobGood morning!

I just to check in and give an update for Gob (although I’m sure you see them on Facebook).
It has been almost two months since my foot surgery and Gob and I are back out on the agility track. We went to an open practice in Nampa, ID hosted by BARC (www.boiseagility.org/) and stumbled through a tricky AKC course. The bright side was, that we could get through a course even if I was slow. Gob is a great partner on the course and helped make it much easier.
With that being said, we are due to enter our first trial of 2015 in April! It should be fun weekend even if we don’t Q! The link below is one of our Qualifying runs from November that I thought you might enjoy. Gob’s works to qualify
At the top you see Gob with me on  my birthday (which I celebrated on Thanksgiving) and as you can see, Gob is very much over wearing the hat, but is a good sport for me! The second picture is from when I was still recovering and he stayed by my side. Nick said he was a little panicky when I first came home and he wasn’t allowed to come in for some cuddles and to say hello.
GobI still get A LOT  of compliments of how good he looks for being eight and a half, I even had one friend refer to him as a micro-fiber dog because he is so soft.
Lastly, I wanted to check in on Vi and see how she is settling in her new home. She was such a goofy dog to have around the house and let me see if in the future a female was in the cards.
Breeder’s Note: We appreciate you updating us. It has been a long journey since we first met you. We are so happy about the outcome. Thank you for sharing your recent adventure, and letting us know you are doing well after the foot surgery.

As for Vi (or Vidalia) we cannot thank you enough for the work you did to help her prepare to adjust. She has, as you know, been matched with a perfect placement. For those that don’t know, Visalia was a girl we kept who never could produce puppies. It seemed right to get her to a forever home where she could be the center toof the universe. She is doing really well with Anita. Anita has a grandchild that thought she was calling Vi Chai–you can guess what happened. She is now known as Chai, and she doesn’t mind the change at all. The perks that come with the move are well worth it.

We feel this photo speaks volumes. She is a goofy and sweet girl. Thank you for help Vidalia and weus make this possible. The outside exposure and experience made her transition so much easier. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

IMG_20150311_215849We feel this photo speaks volumes. She is a goofy and sweet girl. Thank you for help Vidalia and us make this possible. The outside exposure and experience made her transition so much easier. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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  1. Good luck for the trial, Gob :o) And I’ll second all thank you’s… that was great that you were there for Visalia/Chai :o)

  2. More than anything have fun at the trial and enjoy each other!

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