Koa Pie — my OwyheeStar Gray Longhair Male

Hello Cliff and Shela,

I just wanted to send you an update on the most amazing dog I have ever had…

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We spent last summer and fall in Northern California on 10 acres at my treehouse in the woods. There was plenty of room to roam and rivers, creeks and ponds to frolic in.

The last three months we have been on the Baja peninsula (3-weeks just South of Ensenada and then 9-weeks in Todos Santos – North of Cabo San Lucas.) Koa immediately took to the ocean and loved, loved, loved chasing gulls, frigates and pelicans. He a “stick dog”! So good at playing fetch.

I have sent along a couple of pics for you. One is his birthday pic and the other is his birthday. I have gotten so many inquiries about him and I always refer people to OwyheeStar.

I have one question though. Please check out Koas ears in the Christmas pic. Do all LH Weimaraners have that crimped-look to them? Or is that unique to Koa? I’d love to know.

Wishing you all the best!~Amber

Breeder’s Comment: We are glad to hear your Koa is making out so well, and that he is well-received by everyone. To answer your question—no,question–no, the crimped-look is not common. The longhair does sport a wavy-look on its ears, and down its back. I am sure we have seen it before, but it is not commonplace as far as we know.

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  1. that was my first thought too as I saw his ears … :o) It’s great to have a treehouse… you are a lucky pup Koa :o)

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