Then There Was Luna…

You’re probably getting sick of hearing how perfect Luna is, but i want to tell you a little bit more about myself.

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Two years ago I started a business doing home maintenance & tractor work, I was also working at the housing authority full time. So for the last two years I’ve worked 40 hours a week for the city then evenings and Saturdays for my business.

We’ve always had a dog until last summer when we lost our dog of ten years. I knew that I didn’t have time to raise a good dog nor would it be fair to the dog to be alone so much.

… And then there was the weimer that we got from you before, Gromit he was the best dog ever. We made the decision that when the time came we wanted another weim.

We realized this December that my business had grown to the point that I couldn’t do both anymore, it was time to resign. That also meant that it was time to get my new partner … Luna.

My short term goals for her were to ride well in my truck & not scream like she’s being killed when she was left alone (in the truck or at home) & of course house breaking.

Now back to the start of my note, Luna is perfect. She is a beautiful dog, she is asking (most of the time) to go out to potty and has had very few accidents, she sleeps on our bed in her spot until my husband goes to work then she takes his spot 🙂 she loves the truck. I keep her kennel in the truck with the door off & she chooses to stay in her kennel while we ride most of the time. She also has learned that screaming does her no good so she really doesn’t do that much any more either

I was running my tractor today, I gave her a short ride on the tractor then (with the tractor still running) set her down, she circled the tractor then wanted back up 😃 so i picked her back up; she fell asleep on my lap while I was driving the tractor! She is a challenge at times (when she’s really tired!) but she is perfect for me! I keep meaning to get a squirt bottle, but i keep forgetting!

Thank you for such a perfect partner! ~ Nancy

PS: Luna learned some table manners today, she learned to “take it nice” I was avoiding that lesson because she is so snappy and I thought it would be a big fight … Nope, she takes her treats like the little lady she is!

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  1. Yay for Lady Luna! It’s so great to read how much all that people love their Weimaraner :o)

  2. Luna is beautiful! Our blues love to go with us everywhere too! They have also learned to stay at home when need be and graduating to earning time out of the crate when left alone. Love the velcro pups!!

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