Duck In Norfolk with Abe

We are making a good adjustment…

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Duck has been adjusting well. Everyone who works in my apt building say he has the best personality of all the dogs that live here. He is very mellow when he meets new people, and pretty good when it comes to meeting other dogs — but sometimes that gets him a little hyper.

I have a  dog park on the water about a mile away and he didn’t hesitate to take a swim, that’s not something that he liked doing before. I got him playing fetch a little bit too, just down the hallway of my building, but again not something he ever really showed interest in at all before.

He really doesn’t like being in the crate during the day, so I’ve started just letting him roam in the apartment. Other than making a pile of my stuff on his bed, he seems to do fine with that.

What did you give him for treats? I’ve tired giving him rawhide bones and he eats them too fast and throws them up. But I’ll like to leave him with something to work on while he is home alone…

I’m going to be at sea for the month of April, but I have several people who want to watch Duck, so I think things will be fine.

 IMG_1649Breeder’s Note: You might remember the blog that featured Duck and Abe not so long ago-Click here to read that blog.

First, we don’t recommend anyone use rawhide bones, or chews. Bits can break off, and once ingested a number of things could go badly. The bits could embed in the lining of the intestine, and cause inflammation. Pieces could cause an intestinal blockage–this can be life-threatening. We know some folks do use them, but we do not have peace about them. Secondly, we hate to see you must deploy again. As we mentioned, it will be so important to prepare Duck for your departure. He needs a second home; someone who understands his needs. Keeping Duck and you both safe during this time of departure will be important. Nonetheless, we are happy that you are back together, and that Duck is doing so well. Thank you for taking time to get these wonderful photos for us to share. Everyone loves Duck. For those that don’t know, Storm and Dusty are Duck’s parent. Here are some recent photos of them below–these were taken by Larry Cleveland (Portland Wildlife Photographer).

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  1. I’m so glad that they are together. It’s great to read about Abe and Duck and I send you a big Weim-hug that you were there for them. Rawhide bones are banned here,since I had to remove a big slippery and softened piece what stuck in easy’s throat :o( I rather bear the smell from pig ears, tracheas or chicken feet than to buy such a bone again :o)

  2. So good to see you together and experiencing new and fun things. Love the pictures. We use pig ears occasionally but they are rich for our girls so we don’t do that to often and we make sure we cut them in 1/2 now and that seems to be fine for them. Hoofs break and are dangerous because my aussie swallows the broken pieces whole so can’t have those around. I have used sterilized bones they are hollow and they boil them to a certain temperature that makes them hard to break, make sure you get a good quality made in the USA also the smoked ones are more brittle so I just get the plain ones(I have had some lesser quality break and that is dangerous)that you buy from dog store or on line and stuff them with yogurt or peanut butter(make sure no additional oil is added to the peanut butter otherwise it is not good for dogs) and freeze it, this keeps them busy longer. Black (they are the toughest rated ones) Kongs are also great to stuff and freeze. Also Nylabone Galileo are really durable and our dogs love the wishbones by Nylabone as well. I have 4 tough chewers so we have found these to be the best for us. Just some suggestions not sure if Shela & Cliff agree with all these but they work for us and I know everyone is different and thought I would throw these ideas out there.

    • Perfect — we use an even larger more durable Nylabone–same idea. Always the Extreme (black) Kong. I sent links to Abe, but didn’t post it all here. I am trying to keep the blogs a short read for a lot of reasons. :O)

      • Another really great durable product are the Planet Dog toys. They have a rubbery feel that encourages chewing, but are indestructible like the Kong. I think we own just about every version of their products: carrot, planet ball, woof ball, Venus ball, pink bone. Zelda chews through EVERYTHING so quickly, including the Nylabones such that we haven’t been able to find any consumable items made for chewing that are safe for her. So we go with large fresh bones or knuckles (fresh is more durable than the cooked – the cooked ones tend to fracture into shards) and Planet Dog toys. I was skeptical at first of the Plant Dog toys because they don’t feel like they would be indestructible, but they have it down to a science and I am a believer now! They rank their toys in “chews” so if you have a vigorous chewer start with their ones with the highest ranking.

      • They are certainly great–thank you for bringing them up. Nylabones — there is one that lasts, but it is costly. Some of the Weims will not use it because it is not so chewable. You are right though, a person must be careful about their choices. What works best for one person, might not work as well for another. Anything they have needs to be watched–if it splits, crumbles, or starts breaking apart it needs to be removed immediately. :O)

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