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Owyheestar Febuary 2015 Notes

Sadie's FirstbornWe have had another incredible weather week. For us, it was shirt-sleeve weather. This morning it is slightly above freezing. A couple of days ago, I planted the pea pods in the garden. I have a few other things that could be planted. They only deterrent is my lack of energy. It is an on-going theme. Thank you all for being so patient.

The spring pups are on the horizon. As we all know, there are folks that wait for a spring pup every year. Many feel this is the best time to get a puppy. We feel that every season has its rewards. We won’t take the time to discuss each quarter’s benefits. Many times it is personal preference as much as anything. Regardless, the outcome will look something this photo of Sadie’s first baby.

Lacee's Firstborn

Lacee looks at her new baby while Cliff works on it

Please Note: The above photos are from the OwyheeStar archives, and not actual current new-born pups. The spring pups will arrive soon; the majority are promised. We cannot guess exactly what will be born, or how things will shake-out. It is a juggling act that follows the wait-and-see frenzy for us, as well as the prospective waiters.

The Week

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible!

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Wednesday February 18 — Izzy Wins Hearts

Thursday  February 19 — Entertaining Maddy

Friday  February 20 — Bella Kisses and Loves

On a very personal note……

The farm house before.......

The farm house before…….

We are so happy to move forward; however, there will be the lasting effects. My left arm is fighting the good-fight with the lymph-edema. As long as it is not extremely painful, and doesn’t get worse, it will be fine. I normally have problems with the right arm. I have to be extremely careful to avoid over-taxing it. When I do I can get a serious inflammation going, and this means shooting pains. For those counting on me to keep up with Facebook, Email, the Blog, and the Websites, this would not be good news. Therefore, I have to continue the massage-therapy to reduce the left-arm inflammation (and swelling).

We are facing a lot of leftovers from last year. The previous six-months has seen me doing what I was able–nothing extra. The farm house remodel needs to be completed. I sincerely hope we can get it done in the next year. We plan to move next door to a smaller, and more manageable house size.

paint and windows

New windows and paint

Nonetheless, it is gutted, and being completely redone. The work is mostly Cliff and Shela; let’s be honest; it is almost all on Cliff. I am excited about the process, but I also realize it requires a piece of our life to get this done. Our son is in construction, but his backlog is huge. I am sure he could get us some help; however, sometimes help is not all that helpful–if you get my drift. A lot of it can be done by Cliff and Shela. Then we cannot complain about waiting on other people, or not getting what we asked in the first place. Oh, sorry–we are as picky as everyone else. Regardless, it is all good news. It is part of our plan to make life more doable in our golden-years. When do those officially begin?

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. They brighten our day; and allow us to have something to share. There have been so many great ones……….

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  1. I agree with you every season has good and bad sides. All dogs we had were fall pups, it’s maybe not the best weather, but it’s great that you can celebrate christmas with your pup :o)

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