Entertaining Maddy

Maddy is doing great.

She is such a sweet, sweet girl. We all love her so much and she just fits perfect in our home.

Head Through the fence

 Gunnar is a pillow

She is one of our main forms of entertainment when she is feeling frisky. She loves to take all her toys out, selects one and wants us to play tug of war. If we are busy she will tease Gunnar with it. She is a hoot. Great personality. Loving and gentle. She’s learned sit and stay.

Maddy is Popular

         –she causes a stir at the Vet Office

Everyone who sees her loves her. We love this little girl. Her first visit to the vet, word spread that there was a special puppy in the exam room. Many employee faces looked thru the window to see her. One assistant couldn’t keep her hands off her, kept giving her hugs and kisses. They couldn’t get over the beautiful Longhair Maddy. On her second vet visit to get her last shot a slight ear infection was discovered. She is getting meds for that and has an appointment for the shot next week. She is growing like a weed–she weighed in at, 35 pounds.

Shed Training ContinuesGot Shed

Bobby and Coco

The beginning

As you remember our son was planning on training her to hunt sheds. A lot of change has happened in a few short weeks. They grow so quickly. Bobby and Maddy are making progress with the shed hunting training.

Breeder’s Note: Shed hunting is fast becoming a recognized sport. There are several OwyheeStar Weimaraner clients who engage in this activity. Some of these folks work hard at it, and for others, it is a casual sport. To read more about this sport click here. The cast-off antlers are out there to find every year. It is amazing when you think about it. They are prized for many reasons–we even saw a stack used as a Christmas tree. They are put to use to make chandeliers, lamps, art, medicine, and are considered a favored dog-chew. The fact that they are castoff, makes them a renewable resource. Click here to see a few things people have done with found antlers–some of these are other than deer antlers.

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  1. she is a wonderful girl :o) Maddy, my momma did that too once at a banister… hope it ends not the same way, with a saw :o)

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