Idaho OwyheeStars Part I

Adventures with Charlie Mae and Murphy

We Share the Stick

We Share Everything…

To say that we are a happy Weim family is a gross understatement.  Charlie Mae (our longhair)  and Murphy (the blue boy)  are just outstanding!  They love each other like you always hope/wish a brother and sister would love each other.  They have struck an awesome balance of wanting to be with us, but also loving to run/play/wrestle together also!  Honestly they really have no ideas they are dogs, they are just our 2nd and 3rd kids!!

Charlie Mae Ear HairCharlie Mae Stole the Show

    Murphy doesn’t mind….

Yesterday (January 31, 2015) we took the pair up to McCall Winter Carnival and I made a bet with some friends that I would be stopped at least 5 times with folks asking about them and in particular about Charlie Mae.. What is she?  What is she mixed with? etc… After at least 50 discussions/stops I stopped counting!!!  I just can’t believe how much people are drawn to these two!  I’d say Charlie gets about 75% of the attention and Murphy comes in behind, but folks still love his color.  The weather was so nice up there (Sunny and just warm enough to enjoy the sun in your coat), their fur was just shining.  I told the Longhair Weimaraner story over and over but I don’t mind at all, and it’s just great for them to have all these folks loving on them to help them socialize!!

Below are a couple of videos–this is where I went a little against my loose leash policy to have some good old fashioned family fun!!!  Mush Weim Dogsled team MUSH! 🙂

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  1. wow the first race of iditarod with a weim team :o) I would like to run with Charlie Mae through a show ring, bet the judge would give ther the trophy within 2 minutes :o)

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