Ghost is Doing Well

We are so happy…Ghost at HomeSocialization…..

He’s doing wonderfully so far! No accidents yet, he’s been pretty great about only waking up in the middle of the night to go potty. He’s already met a few new people and working towards 100 new exposures in 100 days, and he’s getting pretty decent at the “touch” command already! (Of course, our socialization is only taking places in low-risk locations. We are aware of the very real risk of contracting Parvo in dog dense locations–we avoid them.)

 Attention All Hands on Deck…

He’s a bit of a whiner, when he first gets put in his crate or when he’s not getting the attention he wants! I bet it must be just awful being a puppy and having to learn a little patients! ;p

 The Cat and our Cuddle-Bug…

He’s so interested and into the cat, the cat ranges from curious through indifferent then to unamused. He’s just the biggest cuddle bug, loves toys and chasing the tennis ball, and loves loves loves the organic pumpkin baby food puree as a training treat!

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  1. Oh how I miss the puppy breath and introduction to the world is soooo fun. Enjoy it while it lasts. They grow up toooo fast.

    • These folks (not new to the breed) have waited two years. Things kept happening to them. The female didn’t produce a litter, or there were not enough pups born. This happened with two other breeders. Finally, the asked us if we would consider them; it worked out. I am happy for them. It is a joy to share the pups with people who truly appreciate them!

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