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Where did the Diarrhea Come From?IMG_4909

No self-respecting Weimaraner would choose clean bowl water over puddle water. The problem is the pooled water is frequented by birds, and other small critters. These partakers can track one-celled protozoa into the water. Once these small living organisms are ingested, they take off like a wildfire in the gut. The extent to which this affects the gut can be dramatic; bloody loose stools can send a person running to the vet.

Blood in the stool leaves a person to suspect the worst. Who would think a small one-celled organism such as Coccidia or Giardia could wreak such havoc? Click here to read more about Giardia, and click here to read more about Coccidia. The latter infection is most commonly found in young pups, who are infection from a mother who passes it along to her pups; however, it is not the only place a dog can become infected. These parasites are opportunistic, and shared with birds, and other animals.

We know this is not a topic anyone wishes to think about, let alone discuss. The young Weimaraner puppy should have their stool examined for parasites. Ask your vet office if they wish you to bring a sample when you bring the puppy to their office. If you see an unusual stool, it is a good idea to keep your eye on it, and if it worsens you should get it checked. A pup’s stool can tend to be looser than a tootsie roll, but watery stools containing mucous or blood call for further examination. Diatomaceous earth is said to discourage parasites from taking residence in the gut–but be sure what you purchase is food-quality. It has other benefits too!  Who knew that mud pies could be healthy?

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  1. thanks for this post, it’s great that you named the evil thingies what can lead to sickness. I’m glad we have not much problems on that front, to get wet paws is much more worse for Easy than to be thirsty… seems he is one of the non-self-respecting Weims LOL :o)

  2. We use DE, yogurt and canned plain pumpkin, acidophlilus probiotic with rice and chicken broth when their gut gets upset. Then slowly reintroduce the food and hopefully this to shall pass! In the middle of doing this for Haze right now. Hopefully all will be well with her soon, not sure what she picked up where. We all have the stomach bug to so we are blaming her for it-lol!

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