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January continues to weave her magic; she likes to surprise here and there. Yesterday, Mr. Sunshine appeared to our delight. The fog bank we have been enveloped in is nothing short of stifling. It would have us believe the only breathing issue is the air quality; however, the choke-hold it had on our spirit was a bit much. We have seen worse–the fog pressing so close you can hardly catch your breath. Fog and black ice have robbed folks of freedom, and family members. It is an oppressive thing. Therefore, seeing the big red ball in the sky not only warms the earth but our heart as well.

2_Francee X Duck 3-Weeks-60We have been busy. We are engaged with a small number of pups. Their sweet faces can brighten any sunshine-lacking day. After three years of attempting to get a gray longhair female (which is unrelated to Stackhouse) she arrived. We are calling Atti (not sure of the actual spelling yet); Her official name will be OwyheeStar’s Give Me Attitude, or something similar. Therefore, in the midst of all that has gone awry this winter, we finally got the pup we had been trying to get. Other litters were dinky (even smaller than this one), and if they produced a longhair, it was always a male. That is a bright spot don’t you think?

We have been overrun with applicants; some are tire-kickers. Nevertheless, there are many very good, and serious people making inquiry. We have been challenged to keep up; you know how we like to get a reply as soon as possible. The real problem we face is trying to answer folks about the availability.

We write nearly the same thing over and over, but it is hard for someone on the outside to understand. We can tell you there be a pup in about three months, and one can suddenly come available. We have shocked a couple of folks in this manner recently. We cannot predict how this process will unfold. We cannot guarantee a mating will produce a litter. We cannot predict the number of pups that will be born; nor can we predict their sex. In a litter with mixed coat colors, we cannot predict how many blues, grays, or silver grays will be born. The actual timing of when pups will be born is out of our hands. Yes, we can mate, but we have to wait until we have a female (that we want to mate) in season. We don’t mate on every cycle–once every year to year-and-a-half. We have discovered that our best guess can be dreadfully wrong. It is equally frustrating for us; however, it is hard for those on the other side of the fence to understand. Finally, we ask folks to email us for a reason. Nonetheless, we get phone call inquiries. This last week we had two–I have not gotten back to them. There was no opportunity; everyone who emailed got a reply. It might not have been as detailed as they hoped, but they were able to get the process rolling forward. Thank you for doing the email thing.

The Week we had variety….

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

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Monday January 19 — Preparing for the Weimar Pup

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Thursday  January 22 — Goldee

Friday  January 23 — Black and White

On a very personal note……

I finished the last of larger radiation (tangent) treatments. I lost skin on the last treatment. I count myself fortunate. I had been told this would happen before now, but it did not. That meant I saved a lot of skin problems. I am sore in some areas. Friday saw me moving to a lesser treatment (the Boosts). There are five of those targeted specifically at the area of the breast where they removed the tumor. I will be done with radiation by the end of the month. They have other things scheduled, but none should be as bad. All things considered, I am so fortunate.

Last night, I did not feel fortunate. I was overcome during the night with a terrible bone pain. I have had pain before. Once I fell and damaged my spine–needed back surgery. The pain was excruciating, as well as nauseating. This was different–a deep bone pain that grabbed me and threatened to crush me. I tried not to bother Cliff (the good Lord knows he is not getting enough sleep either). The only thing I could think to do was to get into the shower, and let the heat beat on the center of my back–it helped. I am suspecting some of this is from exposure to the radiation–exit points, etc. I have heard of people who never had joint pain, experiencing it after radiation. I didn’t expect it to hit now, and certainly not quite like this. I think I will be getting very acquainted with the massage therapist, and acupuncturist. The latter may well be able to help me the most with this kind of pain. I really hope so. I talked to a woman in the waiting room yesterday, and she told me she had been seeing the acupuncture specialist for a month, and it had made a big difference.

We are looking forward. Life goes on. We have a lot of things that got left waiting when the cancer overtook me. As I told people back then, we are going nowhere at this time. We are in the process of hanging in there, and doing what we do.

You make this possible….

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. They brighten our day; and allow us to have something to share. One person commented that the blog makes her day. I am humbled; however, I am acutely aware it would not be possible without you!

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  1. That’s a wonderful name for a girl and she looks like she will grow into this great name :o) Maybe acupuncture could be a way to cover this pains, I hope so much the pains go away or at least you will find something what helps to hold this pains small…

    • thank you –yesterday (I finally opened the candy you sent). I wanted to share it with Cliff. Every time I saw it hanging on our artificial tree, Cliff was out. I opened. We discovered it was coconut–favorite. Cliff hates coconut. I ate all the candy myself………….loved it too!

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