Black and White

It wasn’t planned this way – but I happened to switch my camera setting at the last minute to black & white – and just started shooting away.  Lo and behold – look how awesome they came out.  These were shot last Friday morning at 12.5 weeks.

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Crystal Clear might also Apply…

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Hello There!

My friends think I have wayyyy too much time on my hands and that I should get back to work, but Ducky and I feel otherwise.

Here we are in our make-shift baby stroller checking out the Pelicans, etc. this morning. And have no fear, his paws never leave my side/body.


Breeder’s Note: We love the black-and-white photos. It was a very ingenious make-shift baby stroller. Buying one of those costly strollers for a couple of weeks of use doesn’t make sense. This breed grows too fast. It was not only a great idea, but it expanded the pup’s experience. That is always a good idea! Thanks for sharing with us Mindy.

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  1. You make my day everyday – your friend Susan

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  2. the photos are great, one reminds me of an old photo of President Eisenhowers dog Heidi :o) I like the idea with a stroller or a jogger. we sadly failed, because our 80lbs of TNT wouldn’t stay there, but it was a nice plan to take the pup to all places in that jogger :o)

    • 80 Lbs of TNT; that is an apt description. You were a Weim novice; truth be told, one doesn’t make a person an expert. These guys………………well, what can I say that has not been said? They know how to punch our buttons. We love them to death :O)

  3. Great idea with the stroller! We took towels and put them in the shopping carts in ALL the stores or carried them and that gets heavy quickly but exposure to new environments is key to socialization and one must be cautious with parvo etc. I LOVE the black and white photos, thanks for sharing them. I think I have to go take some now!

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