Lucy’s Football is Not Far Away

The Football Season is coming to an End

Are you one of those folks which despise the game of American Football? If so, it is a good bet, you are getting ready to celebrate–the season is drawing towards an end. Of course, the celebration for the Seahawks as well as for the Patriots is a high crescendo mode. It will soon end with one team doing cartwheels, and the other open-mouthed. In the end, you must beat the other team when the opportunity presents, and at the given venue. You must beat the officials–the call might go in your favor, or not. You must overcome the atmosphere, exhaustion, the flu-bug, or even the weather should it be a factor.

10354673_834463439921296_7895747230022446090_nIn the Pacific Northwest, there is a frenzy of activity surrounding the recent nail-biting, and tummy-tingling victory. If you were on heart medicine, this game might not be advised. Fans in some cases were discouraged, and left the game thinking their beloved team was going down. Those who left the game early to get an advantage en route home; as well as those who left the game because they were embarrassed were caught short. They all could be found outside the rocking stadium missing the first-hand experience; they had to catch in on TV like the rest of us. No one should ever say it is impossible. Don’t count the game over, because anything can happen. Those folks on the outside missed one of the best all-time playoff finishes ever. At the last second in overtime, a fingertip catch sent the Hawks to the Super Bowl. Those that dared to believe it was possible were given a special treat.

Lucy Loves Her Football!

Returning to the Super Bowl is nothing short of spectacular for the Seattle Seahawks, and the Pacific Northwest. Fans are still rolling on a high, and lighting-up Facebook. We are not anxious for hoopla to end; we know others cannot wait. Lucy will miss football game days, but her own football will never be far away.

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  1. Wow, I like girls who love football, so Lucy could be the perfect match for me :o) We hope we can watch the super bowl, it starts at 11:15 pm our time, it’s hard to stay awake :o)

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