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2_Francee X Duck Week 2-36January winter weather is quirky at best. We have seen a lot worse, and we still hope to avoid the sub-zero temperatures, etc. This month has brought us unexpected temperate weather; other parts of the country are experiencing the beyond-cold weather. We received snow, but in Boise, it was raining–they have their ski-lift on the mountain. You would think they would be getting a dump of snow where they are located below Bogus. We are at the far end of the Treasure Valley in the midst of the flatland farming. As I pen this note to you, the temperature is sitting at freezing–thirty-two degrees. During the night, it was a bit colder, but nothing worth reporting.

2_Cindee X Blue Four-Weeks-73Cabin fever attitude may well take us over despite the favorable January weather. We had two inches of really wet snow fall in the last couple of days. The muck is cleared from the road; the formerly drying yard, and drive are once again water-logged. That is to be expected. Even the pups have an attitude–of course, we are just kidding. Nonetheless, we thought showing you a couple of photos we had of them sticking their tongue out would be fun. In January, and early February, humans often get this kind of attitude. This is especially true for those that not getting out of Dodge (so to speak) to play in the mountain snow, etc.

The Week at OwyheeStar Weimaraner News…

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible! You are all amazing, and appreciated!

Sunday January 11 — NW Football Fans Watch in their Own Way

Monday January 12 — Henry Safe in BC

Tuesday January 13 – Coco Joins Her Family

Wednesday January 14 — New Home; New Name

Thursday  January 15 — Ducky Tops Eighteen Pounds

Friday  January 16 — Trouble Finds the Weimaraner

On a very personal note……

Another week of treatment is behind me–behind us. There are nine sessions left; they are not satisfied with this. The cancer treatment folks have more in store–bone density test, an appointment with the oncologist, and medication to prevent another onset. Once you are involved with these folks, it is an on-going relationship. Despite the inconvenience, we are thankful that our area has a conveniently located facility. We are sincerely appreciative that our doctors are cutting-edge. They are up on the latest, and actually ahead of recommendations for breast cancer treatment. Overall, we are very fortunate, because a lot of folks that live in remote areas would not have things so easy. Anyhow, there are four more bit sessions, and then five treatments aimed directly at the breast. They tell us the last five are the easiest. So far, I am doing better than expected for a fair-skinned woman. Thank you for the prayer support. It is making a difference.

As Always…

Thank you for your interest, and taking time to read our blogs. Thank you for sending along information about your OwyheeStar to us. We cannot ever thank you enough.

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