Trouble finds the Weimaraner

Maggie is Not Alone at Finding Trouble…

We are aware this is not a strange headline for our beloved Weimaraner. Nevertheless, we spend a great deal of time trying to prevent the unthinkable from happening. These inquisitive, smart, saucy, human-attitude-type dogs, are challenging. Their nose, and investigative ways often lead to trouble of one kind or another. More than one has eaten a kitchen sponge, a bar of soap, socks, underwear, or medication. They ingest the ghastly item without giving thought to it, as if possessing in ingesting it is reward enough. This has lead to more than one emergency; a too many losses.

This time good training probably saved the Weimaraner’s life…..

IDAHO FALLS — An eastern Idaho hunting dog named Maggie survived getting caught in a snare trap meant for coyotes by remaining calm.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game spokesman Dan Kelsey says the 5-year-old Weimaraner’s leash training likely stopped her from pulling against the snare and choking herself to death.

To find out more about the potential dangers, and Oregon’s new laws click here!

14_Here Comes Lacee & Cliff__8884We have spent a great deal of effort explaining the importance of getting loose-leash compliance. The dog that pulls, is resisting your leadership. In the end, this can lead to the unthinkable. Hunt trainers are known to set the dog up with training that teaches them not to pull on the lead. You will never achieve these goals by using a head halter (such as a ), or a front-hooking lead. These are tools people use to be able to handle their dog. The problem is these devices do not teach the dog to comply with what you want. Failure for your Weim to learn not to pull on the lead can lead to all sorts of issues–some behavior, and others are life-threatening. The dog who doesn’t pull against the lead is less likely to pull on a collar (or leash) that gets inadvertently caught. The dog that resists (pulling with purpose), will do so until they strangle their-self.

Please achieve the loose lead compliance on a regular collar, even if you do not achieve other obedience goals. This is a must!

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  1. that’s so true… Mr. Trouble found me last night and I puked in my dad’s bed…
    I’m glad it ended well for Maggie, it seems they are really dogs with human brains that they act that way in such situations. I also agree for the leash-training, no one enjoys a walk when you feel like a humanoid kite… and it’s not really our goal to support the bonesetters :o)

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