Perplexing Revelations

Who Knew??

I would have NEVER thought my strict husband would have ever let an animal on the bed, much less the main part of the house. Well, he immediately started letting Ozzy, our OwyheeStar boy, onto the furniture and the bed. When Quinn was rescued, she was immediately allowed on all furniture, as well. Now, Ozzie NEVER leaves hair anywhere. He has a short velvety fur that is almost barely there.

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Quinn on the other hand, IS a shedder. A little longer than eyelash length with her, and I attribute this to her being a product of Alaskan breeding (this is where the breeder that she was purchased from was located,) She leaves her inch long hair ALL over my light colored coverlet and sheets. BUT, I could never imagine not letting her sleep on the bed, waking me up every hour as she wakes up and gets up to re-adjust her positioning by shaking her head and clanking her tags and flopping her ears vigorously, then making at least 4 turns before plopping down shaking everyone before going to sleep again. Ozzy prefers to stay in curled up in a BALL right in between my husband and me and makes sure we are both right on the edge of the bed with very little covers. I am sending you pictures, Shela, so feel free to post. 🙂

Breeder’s Note: Quinn’s coat length begs the question whether she is a smooth-coat or not. Please check out the information on the Stockhaar-click here.

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  1. a Weimaraner can change your life… I guessed it :o)

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