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Izzy the Guard Dog

       ………2015 is here and she has got us covered!

Izzy the Guard Dog

December 26, 2014 — Izzie was just checked by the vet.  We were unable to get her in sooner and all is good.  She is 18 lbs now. Oh that was the other thing I wanted to tell you, Jan finally saw Izzie too.  Below are some snapshots I tried to get of Penny (our Viszla) with her new sister.

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  1. They all are great and I love to see a Vizsla and a Weim together. I wish we could take a photo of Easy and one of his hungarian cousins once, but that’s sadly impawsible :o)

  2. Do you know how beautiful a Weimaraner – Hungarian Vizsla mix can be? Look at this chocolate guy: http://fekvovizsla.blog.hu/2011/02/02/346_dome, http://fekvovizsla.blog.hu/2010/10/06/327_dome

  3. So is this the puppy that is available?



    • Is this Debbie P? No, I don’t post available pups on the blog. Did you get my photos I sent via onedrive, and email? I phoned you, did you get my phone call? Did you get the application link? Just wondering, because I have not heard back from you.~ Shela

    • Check out the changes to Getting an OwyheeStar Puppy — it is a page at the top of this blog

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