Hermosa Beach Welcomes Ducky

Ducky claims his courtyard territory…IMG_0263

The weather has finally started to warm up a bit (67′ today with a high of 72 tomorrow and 74 on Tuesday) and he REALLY seems to be enjoying the sunshine.  He certainly has all the strong traits of a classic Weimie!  I feel so fortunate to have both a front (grass), back and courtyard (both with hardscape and surrounding landscape)  – in addition to the man cave which was converted from the garage.  It really gives him a sense of multiple options and places to play and roam.  He’s growing like a weed – has a V large personality and appears to be quite smart too. I’ll forward on some new pics soon.

I'm HomeWe arrived home safely late Tuesday evening. Ducky is doing great!  I noticed today how much he appears to have grown in just 2.5 days.  He’s definitely acclimated to the house:  loves both the front and backyard!  Very well potty trained and wild for his toys.  Naps for about 30 minutes and then revs his engine up for another 30.

Breeder’s Note: Mindy brought Ducky home on the airplane (as her carry on). It was certainly a better plan than a drive this time of the year, and in general it is best to avoid the exposure to Parvo (which most assuredly affects pet areas, parks, and high-traffic areas). There is a lot that can happen during the flight, and layover time. It can set the stage in a very pleasant manner.

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