Nala we don’t want Hampster Breath

Bed Hog

Hello, we have Nala, the spoiled brat Weim we bought almost 3 years ago. She is doing great and takes up all the space on our bed.

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She loves our kids and the kids love her. 

Here is our question for you…..

The children want a new hamster, do you think she will adapt to a new critter in a household that she runs? Will she ever be nice to a hamster, or actually hamsters? She was nice to my sisters cat, so we are hoping she will be nice to a couple new additions (hamsters) in our household. What do you think?
Breeder’s Comments:  The first thing that comes to mind is a question. Are you planning for Nala to have direct contact (interact) with the hamsters? If so, when and how?

We cannot say for certain that something bad would occur, but it is a good guess. She was not raised with the hamster, and the Weimaraner’s natural instinct would be to terminate them. On the other hand, we have shown some of our Weims a mouse (because we live on a farm we see plenty); sometimes they will ignore the little critter. I don’t think you could predict the outcome. When they go after prey, it is so quick, it can be in a blink of an eye. Of course, we could not recommend it as safe. If Nala had grown up with them, it would have been safer, however, it still would not be  without risk. Cliff says, Hamsters might be considered lunch.” Sorry, that probably alarms, and grosses you out. We get notes from folks who tell us their Weim has eaten a mouse. The hamster is a plump-looking cousin. We used to have them for our kids, but the dogs did not interact with them. Actually, they (the hamsters) ate through the plastic somehow, and got free—chewed up several things, and disappeared. 

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  1. seems all Weim-people have the same bed-issues :o) I hope it works with a Hamster in the family, Weimaraners are hunters…

  2. I don’t think I would EVER let my dog interact with a hampster. My Weims are not allowed around my Chinchilla. It’s not that I think Ozzie (My Owyheestar Weim) would hurt him, it’s just when he and my female Weim are together, they feed off each others energy. JUST SAY NO! 🙂

    • I think the consequences are not worth the risk. I see people putting their Weim with all kinds of critters; I have seen then reach out so fast –flash, and grab a bird, that I think it would be unwise. You said it well.

  3. My current weim is fine with the cat, my prior weim was fine with cats, ducks, chickens, etc. Even so, when a cat runs they will chase it until they realise it is their cat. I would suggest a hamster scurrying would not be a good risk, so have hamsters, but don’t allow them free run with the dog as they could kill the hamster when their instinct kicks in and before anyone can intervene.

  4. We are not getting a hamster! We decided that her regular diet of Blue Buffalo dog food is good enough. She does get to eat Thanksgiving , X-mas, New Years, and Easter dinner with us. If we got a hamster she would probably expect it every X-mas. She is spoiled enough without the hamster delicacy.

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