A Good Thanksgiving Look

If you are dieting…..

Ellie's Thanksgiving LookEllie was running around after dark and collided with our wood pile (best as we can figure).  The result was a long gash in her right front leg that required a number of stitches.  She’s now a cone head but extremely good-natured about it.  It did cause her some frustration at Thanksgiving, however.

Note: Possibly, some who wished they had eaten less, could have considered this look for the dinner table. Actually, if you tend to miss the loading shut–this would catch the misses.

Ah shucks, it is a holiday–a celebration of all we value. Family, good fortune, and more than enough to eat.

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  1. Oh poor Ellie, hope it heals up quickly and you haven’t to wear that loudspeaker-thingy on Christmas. But the idea is brilliant, it could be the perfect Christmas gift for my granny who swore a solemn oath to be “ascetic” this year :o)

  2. This is only one side of the coin. This thingy is, above all, a loudspeaker. Therefore, it can amplify the indignant barking of a hungry Weimaraner or the borborygmi of an anthropoid biped.

    • I agree wholeheartedly; we really prefer the nobarkcollar.com …..have you seen that collar. It doesn’t work for everything, but when it does we would rather use it.

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