An Unthinkable Loss Cuts Deep

Happy thoughts are our favorite thing.

B Mike and Turbo

The sorely missed Turbo

No one wants to think of the day when they will  have to say good-bye to a faithful companion, and friend. Honestly, the loss of a fur friend/family member sometimes causes unexpected agony of the worst kind. We are haunted by their absence. We continue on to think of getting them a toy, a treat, or taking them for a walk–only to remember they are no longer there.

They comforted us. They kept our secrets. They loved us when we were not so lovely. They shared our moments, and doted on our every move. Sometimes this was to our chagrin; this is especially true when they destroyed something due to separation-anxiety.

Our Mailbox


Our Beloved Happy Boomer We Miss You!

We receive a number of messages from folks who are facing a loss. Some know it is on the horizon, and coming their way at lightening speed. Others have returned from making a decision they would have preferred to never have had to face. Then there are those caught short in the blink of an eye who saw their beloved Weimaraner pass over the rainbow bridge.

No matter how the good-bye happens, it is not easy. Such was the case of a person whom we will call Devastated. We recently received a note from them during one of their darkest hours.

Please read on, but first grab yourself a tissue….

Please share this  with your clients. The importance of good voice control, especially with “heel” and “down” are critical, even in places you think are safe. It only took one instance of stubbornness and one frustrated electrician driving too fast down your private lane for disaster to strike. Earlier today we lost my best friend, Boomer. To say I am devastated is an understatement. It doesn’t seem real, and I desperately wish that it wasn’t. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to face tomorrow without my Boo but wanted to share this just in case one person gets the message, and it saves them from this unbearable pain.

Please know that I loved Boomer more than anything and really don’t know what I’m going to do without his warm breath in the morning, the weight of his head on my lap, his gentle pawing to let me know it’s time to go for a walk, and countless other little things. He truly was my best friend.

No one is Immune

Having permission to post these comments didn’t mean we were in any hurry to so. There are no words to say that cover this sort of loss. A person who has not experienced such a thing must stop, and take pause. It happens to some of the best folks. Danger is lurking about; it is a monster who awaits a single lax moment. No one is immune. This kind of thing has happened to dog trainers, show people, and very vigilant types. Our heart goes out to you.

Dear Devastated, we know but by the grace of God there we might find ourselves. Thank you for sharing in your time of need; we know it was because you didn’t want another person to fall victim to such a loss.

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  1. I’m so sorry for Boomer and his family. That’s the worst and I really need tissues now. …

  2. Yes, It was hard post. This lovely man has written twice since last night. He had two Weims six months ago. One died of old age; the loss of Boomer …………..oh my.

  3. So sad, my heart breaks for Boomer’s family. They certainly are part of the family.

  4. This cannot be read without tissues. Boomer might have been become unsettled from the intruder who seemed to threaten his territory, and more importantly, his mom and dad and home. It should have been a totally abnormal situation for him. Dogs have deeper and stronger instincts and faster reaction times than people.

  5. Yes, and we both know these kinds of things can happen. I wish it were not so. Of course, they are reeling to decide what their next step should be.

  6. An electrician driving down a private lane in a snit is not without fault. Maybe there was already an uproar, or unsettled atmosphere. Repair guys can be temperamental. The Weimaraner keys off of the atmosphere, …………….and it could have been any number of things. Unfortunately, you cannot unwind the clock. The electrician is not without fault; when a dog is running in the area of where you are driving you should use common sense.

  7. Boomer received to wonderful gifts. The gift of love from his family, and the gift of freedom running off leash. Freedom always comes with some risk that just can’t always be avoided. My heart goes out to you. Don’t wait too long to find a new friend.

  8. Thank You Rod for commenting. I hope this gentleman sees the comments here, and on Facebook. A lot of people have true empathy for his loss.

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