Thanksgiving Day Hunt

 Hello Cliff and Shela

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I thought you would enjoy these pictures that were taken yesterday–Thanksgiving. I am the one holding Schultz and I am with my brother Barry and my nephews Basil and Anthony. This was after a 12 inch snowfall! Schultz was able to get 6 roosters!!! Mr. Schultz is also known as Tubby for his voracious appetite!!!!

Prior to the Thanksgiving Day Hunt; Shultz  found, or pointed at least 20 bird. He probably accidentally flushed another six; he retrieved all but two. He recovered four or five runners. At the age of eleven-plus it’s asking a lot of him; however, he won’t let me leave without him! When he sees orange clothes,he is not staying home. Some of the pictures are when he goes fishing with me, and that is every chance we get. I’ve had more than a few dogs; nevertheless,over a lot of beloved dogs I’ve had in my life, he is one you only have once in a lifetime.

Note–when I say he is on point I mean rock solid. He does not move when pointing, and sometimes he is within a step of a hidden rooster. When Mr.Shultz says I found one, he’s usually right. Thank you,for a truly best friend I just can’t get enough of.


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  1. Well done Mr. Schultz, you are a pawesome hunting buddy!

  2. So awesome to see a dog working, job well done!

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