Bailey is a Velcro Girl

We are Thankful that she is part of our family..

Bailey Went to Canada

Bailey Went to Canada

This is Lesley.  I have been meaning to send you some pics of our beautiful girl Bailey for weeks now.  However, on this Thanksgiving morning, I wanted to Thank You for such a gift.  We absolutely love her, and she has completed our family.  (I know that probably sounds weird to non-dog people, but it is true for us). This is true (even) with my husband, who until Bailey, was not a huge dog person. Nevertheless, she has stolen his heart–melted it!

Bailey loves to be close to us. She literally likes touching us at all times.  She whines when one of us leaves the car, house, etc.  She loves to talk. My favorite (time to listen to her) is when we get her out of the crate. She can’t stop talking; she is not barking–it is talking.  (Mind you) She does bark, especially if we aren’t giving her enough attention. We make every effort to ignore that type of behavior.

She gets a walk almost every day, though if you ask her, she would rather not go.  For being high energy, she will literally sit down on the side of the road, about a 1/4 mile from our house, as if to say ‘enough’.  We go to obedience on Saturdays. It is a family affair. She is happy to have us all there–she is never happier than we are together as a complete family.

She has learned a special trick, when we say, “on your stool, she jumps up and is very proud of herself, then gets a treat!

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Anyhow, THANK YOU again for our Bailey!

Breeder’s Note: We are thrilled that Bailey is a perfect fit. Thank you for being a great OwyheeStar family!

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