Gracie on the Run

We wanted to share our huge rainbow which framed today’s walk  IMG_0093Gracie at Work

You have probably seen this type of video from many of your owners, but for us it is amazing every time we are out for a walk. Gracie takes off on her own personal hunt, doing figure eights at that super Weim speed.

She loves to run in the high grass and around the sagebrush. She is a beautiful dog now at 60lbs. Will she get much bigger? Time will tell. Thank you for all your blog posts as you pave the way ahead for us.

Best to you, Nancy and Tony

Breeder’s Comment: The growth plates do not close; however, growth slows down. Most of the rapid growth that yields constant change happens in the first few month’s of the Weimaraner’s life. That being said, by the time the pup reaches six-months of age, they are adult looking, yet a high-powered pup. Litter-mates can vary in size, and in personality. Think of it like a family that shares the same parents, and that produces multiple children. Often, the children share similarities, but variances can be dramatic. This is never truer than with size. By all appearances, Gracie is going to be a lot smaller than her mother–she is one of the largest females we have encountered at 80 Lbs.

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