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Saturday at Owyheestar

Zula Blue a Pre-whelp pose
Zula Blue a Pre-whelp pose

Thanksgiving is around the corner. We are engaged in surviving the cold temperatures; today we have a much-needed heat-wave. It is above twenty degrees. The thermometer bouncing around, and under, the zero mark in November doesn’t thrill us. This weather is more what we expect to see in January. Regardless, much of the country has had it a lot worse. We can only hope we are not in for three-months of this type of cold. The extended Indian Summer weather meant we had become very spoiled; the early arrival of snow and zero temperatures was nothing short of shocking. We admit the Weims took it in stride, whereas we balked proficiently. The biggest change for the Weims is they don’t want extra time to poke around when they are outside. Can you understand their chagrin at the frozen landscape? We can!

1_Zula Blue X Blue 2 WKS-20We have been busy with puppies, and the stuff of puppies too! We are including this great photo of Zula Blue (the mother of the pups we have been discussing recently). We think it is a cute-look. 8_Zula Blue X Blue 2 WKS-6We are admittedly biased in our opinion. OK– speaking of the cuteness-factor, here are a couple of this week’s baby photos. To see more photos like these, please select the Wednesday link located directly below.

This Week …

A special thanks to those that sent me an easy post this week. It helped more than you can know; everyone appreciate the news too!

Sunday November 16  — Happy Trails

Monday November 17 — Baby It’s Cold Outside

Tuesday November 18 – This is Depressing (Lucy doesn’t want her vacation to end.)

Wednesday November 19 — Zula Blue’s Baby News

Thursday November 20 — All Too Often

Friday November 21 — The Unthinkable

On a very personal note……

Cliff and I continue to engage the weather, and all that comes with the unseasonably cold white tundra. I had the radiation simulation on Thursday; it went better than I expected. I will not start the treatment until the first week of December–unless something changes. I will be going every day for thirty days (five days a week). We are thankful that the treatment can be done in Fruitland, Idaho–rather than needing to travel to Boise every day. Everyone used to have to make that trip. No doubt it is going to require 2.5 hours a day for travel, and treatment, but that is less than driving on winter roads to Boise (which is at least a hour-and-a-half) to Boise’s Mountain State Tumor Institute (MSTI).

As Always…

Thank you for your interest, love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. In the weeks ahead they are going to be even more important than usual. We appreciate EVERYTHING!

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  1. She looks as if she would know all secrets… but she is a Weimaraner and they keep their secrets :o)

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