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Who doesn’t like babies?

We featured Zula Blue on November 4th–while we were still awaiting the blessed event.  Now, for the next few weeks we plan to feature Zula Blue’s babies. We thought you might like to see them!

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At One-Week

Zula Blue X Blue Litter Day One-9The pups develop rapidly, and weight gains have almost doubled across the board. They go from mouse-like tiny beings, to this is short-order. Mama-Zula herds them under her like they are baby chicks, keeping them ever so close at first. She is reticent to leave them to go outside to potty. The doting mama has to eat, drink, and take care of her business. As the pups insessible appetite grows, Mama is forced to eat and drink to manufacture the required milk. Zula Blue is a good milk producer.


Zula Blue X Blue Litter Day One-8The tiny pups are so cute, but the initial glimpse is gone in a fleeting moment. Thriving pups change in a heartbeat. Zula Blue does the bulk of the care; however, there are a lot of things she cannot do. We tried to show her how to launder the bedding, but that didn’t go well.

We go through a lot of bedding. I mean loads and loads of washing. Some of the bedding is nibbled, and some are stained despite bleaching. All we care about, for the most part, is it is clean. We have used many types of bedding; some mothers prefer a certain kind. It is a very strange thing. Our goal is to work out a bedding situation that helps keep the pups clean, and as dry as possible between changes. We also want bedding that the mother is not wadding up, and endangering the pups. We have used many different types, but the simple type works the best.


We record weights more often at the beginning, and later it comes down to once a week. There is a constant checking, adjusting collars, and watching for any developing problem. The pups begin to lay away from their mom on occasion by the end of the first week; however, for the most part, they nurse around the clock. It is a demanding job. We monitor, and Zula Blue does the major care. Sometimes we find we are busy around the clock. Zula’s babies are all thriving, and require no supplementation. With some litters, there are pups, which require supplementation. Supplementation at a young age happens often (about every two hours)–it is a labor-intensive process. Nonetheless, the very real work begins for us at about week-two. At that age, we see the need for a lot more cleaning, handling, and whatnot.

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  1. They are wonderful (love the one with the red collar) and I bet no one looks at this little pups without a smile on his face :o)

    • We all need something to smile about every day. I thought I would help. :O)

      Red Collar — that would be the first born. Every collar has a number, but I try to use the same collar color as much as possible. They come in a box, but as the box empties I sometimes have to resort varying the choice for the larger litters. There are only so many — red, white, green, blue, orange, and yellow. They are made to write on……

  2. Who is the Dad? Is that 8 pups I am counting? thanks for the morning update!

  3. So that is a repeat breeding of Haze, and I think there were 8 in her litter as well. Hope they turn out as nice as she is-such a sweetheart.

  4. Cheryl Wertheimer

    Congrats They look healthy and happy

    Sent from my iPhone Cheryl Wertheimer


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