Friday Puppy Breath

1_Lacee X Blue 5WKS-20 People spend big money to visit a therapist; however, a lot of folks I know feel puppies are the perfect therapy. It works for me. Today, we are going to talk about puppies. There is no secret agenda. The theme is random in content–meaning it is not an organized bit of information meant to fit neatly together.

Some people think any puppy will do; others are very specific in listing every detail they desire. The average person has a few things they must have — usually a certain breed (or even type if it is a pound puppy). Size, health, temperament, and coat color are frequently considered. Despite the breed standard, people want what they want. Some prefer the undocked tail on the smooth coat. IMG_1742The longhair standard is the undocked tail.

Tails Matter

It is probably about your personal preference. In some countries it is against the law to dock the tail. In America, the standard for the Weimaraner (smooth coat) is the docked tail. The longhair sports the undocked tail.

We are not going to join into the debate about what is right or wrong. If you plan to show your Weimaraner, then you must comply with the breed standard. If it is your personal pet, you may have options. More breeders are willing to try to accommodate this request.

Longhairs Gain Popularity

Image00001It is clear that Americans have discovered the other Weimaraner–the longhair. Yes, it is a true Weimaraner. Again, we will not go into a discussion about DNA, and how the longhair gene is passed. Nonetheless. two smooth coats can produce longhair puppies (if they carry the genetic marker). This is more common than once thought. Reports cite that one-in-three Weims born in Germany are of the longhair variety.

The Weimaraner Puppy

They delight our heart don’t they? Before we decide that this is the breed for us, we need to know they are not for everyone. They require time, attention, and work. Those of us who love this breed, are willing to invest deeply to have them. We share our lives, and our secrets with them. They keep a confidence better than most anyone else. They are happy to see us, and like to snuggle close to us. There is never a better place than next to us.

Most Weimlovers share the same heartfelt sentiment. They openly admit that no other breed will do.

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Note: None of these are current pups available for placement. We avoided doing that for obvious reasons. We hope you enjoy this Friday post. Puppy breath your way….

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  1. Oh how I miss puppy breath! ENJOY!!

  2. Cheryl Wertheimer

    How adorable I have to look at our puppies pictures not to have to have another!!!

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