Zula Blue

Whatcha Lookin At?

Whatcha Lookin At?

She is the expectant mother, with a lot of followers hanging breath-abated. You could also say that inquiring minds want to know what she is carrying in there. There is no guessing–only waiting. Someone will be happy; someone will be sad, and others will take it in stride. We cannot begin to guess.

What we know

Alice (Zula Blue X Blue) Halloween 2013

Alice (Zula Blue X Blue) Halloween 2013

She has had one previous litter. It was born July 2013. In that litter, there were eight pups–seven were blue. There were three males, and five females. It remains to be seen if she follows suit again, and produces a predominantly blue litter. Our best guess is this will be the case; therefore, those folks hoping for a silver gray (or gray) pup have a lower chance of getting their dream pup this year. For them, we will be looking toward early 2015. Dave and Cheryl keep us update on Alice (one of Zula’s first litter pups). They also have Emma (Penny X Dusty) who has been a part of their family for several years. Click here to read about Emma meeting Alice; click here to read the most-recent post about Emma and Alice. Of course, there are also the Facebook connections.

Don't Blame Me, Mom is a great cook...the bowl is here!

Don’t Blame Me, Mom is a great cook…the bowl is here next to my tongue!

Waiting is not easy. If you are awaiting the arrival notice, we are almost certain to have news. We believe with a 99% certainty that we know what we will be doing today. The good news for Cliff is it is trying to rain, so he could not finish the painting anyhow. We always prefer the daytime deliveries. Staying up all night is not something we would ever choose. There are more photos from yesterday posted on our primary website. Click Here to see those photos now! For the puppy addicts, I am posting a link to the page where I am planning to record the litter news as it unfolds. Click here to follow the news! We sincerely hope this brings sunshine to your heart and home. The type that is the best kind for the Weimar-addict.

Have a great day. ~ Shela and Cliff

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  1. Cheryl Wertheimer

    thank you for posting our absolutely adorable amd best dogs ever! I hope the new owners want to share their lives with their puppies as much as the puppies love being a part of their new family. thanks again! cheryl

    • Our hearts are forever joined from the first time we met at the Boise airport, and you flew off with Emma. It has been so many years. What a blessing………..

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