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We are having a great time with Blu, she loves to have open area to run. She has her stubborn side,  she will come to you when she wants ( working on that ).

20140110_120800_resizedBreeder’s Comment: Remember when not so long ago she was in your arms? It doesn’t take long to go to adult-looking yet puppy acting. Expect the Weimaraner to retain some of their puppy behavior for life. Then too, you will face challenges as to whom is sailing the ship. This is all normal. Keep up the great work!

Whatever a person does…

It is important not to get discouraged, and to keep your special relationship. This relationship needs to be respectful, and it is important to develop the Weimaraner’s desire to want to please you.

The Weimaraner will exploit any weakness they uncover. They read your attitude and play off it–set the tone on the fun-side; at the same time, get compliance. This involves extraordinary leadership skills. Find a way to discourage mouthing–it is an attempt to gain the upper paw. Even gently holding your arm is giving them the leadership role. Avoid doing that. Mouthing, and puppy-biting is such a pain with this breed. As you move forward you will have to require they not continue this behavior; however, overreacting (or the opposite extreme of ignoring it) leads to on-going issues. Blu’s family has the right balance. They are working on achieving compliance-with the recall. Blu is going to want to comply. Keep up the great work, and thanks for thinking of us. 

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