Adventures in House Sitting

with Hank on the Home-front

I was single at the time and would leave Hank at home during my work hours and always come home and spend my lunch break with him. Hank had full roam of the house during these hours and l always left the backdoor to the yard open for him as well so he could go in and out as he pleased. Hank was accustomed to this schedule and would be waiting for me at the door at lunchtime. Well one particular day I get home and he isn’t at the door ready to jump, playfully bite, and lick me to death. I of course find this weird and being to look for him, not on the couch where he usually slept, not in the backyard… at this point i start to wonder what is going on. Well I go into the bedroom to look for him and I hear the water running in the bathroom. I begin to give myself a butt chewing, how could i leave for work and leave the water running all morning, stupid of me I thought. Well as i rounded the corner to the bathroom I look and see this pitiful sight.

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hank3Hank had somehow gotten up on the bathroom counter, turned on the water for both sinks, and then was too scared to get down, see the sad/im in trouble face in the photos. I couldn’t help but snap a couple photos and then laugh about it. He reminds me more of a little person than a dog. And he is always doing something that makes me laugh. I will try to get some other photos your way. Hank wanted me to attach the 3rd photo and see if you could forward it on to any single weim ladies out there, he is really schmoozing it up for the camera.

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  1. Oh poor Hank… I’m glad you got help (after taking photos). It’s sometimes unbelievable what crazy ideas this silvermistygrey guys can get :o)

  2. Yes, he was scared because he wasn’t able to find out how to make an exactly 36C warm paw-washing water.

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