Is your Weimaraner at risk?

964455_10151601574701670_1100169408_o[1]We received the following note from Jeanne about Zeus. He contracted Giardia. Some of you may not know about this parasite.

Bing Dictionary Defines Giardia–

As a single-celled protozoan, some forms of which live as parasites in the gut of humans and other vertebrates, causing an infection giardiasis.

Med Dictionary Defines Giardia

A genus of protozoa that infect the gastrointestinal tract of some animals, including humans. Giardia have a large sucking disk which permits them to adhere to the intestinal lining. The species that infects humans (and causes diarrhea) is Giardia lamblia.

  From Jeanne..


It’s been a while since I have emailed you… but I really enjoy your facebook posts!



2 days ago I took Zeus in for his checkup and fecal exam. The vet said he looks great except he is a few pounds overweight (he is 80lbs.) It’s hard to believe since I hike about 6 miles a day with him so I know he is doing more because he runs laps around us at times! LOL!



The doctor called us with the results from the fecal exam and said that he has Giardia. Although he has no other symptoms they said it should be treated and that he probably got it from drinking water in streams or whatever. We are always out in the woods with him and he has just gotten over a bad case of Tape and Round worms! (He finds dead animals and likes to carry them around no matter how hard I try to get them away from him fast!).


My question for you is have you ever had any of your dogs come down with Giardia and if so how often do you take a fecal sample in to be tested? I know your dogs do a lot of field work and they swim so I imagine that may be a main concern of yours? It is highly contagious and my friend took a sample to her vet also because a lot of times they have shared a water dish. Today we started using separate bowls and I sterilized all his dishes at home. He also started on his medication today. I am glad we caught it early.


Well that is about it. Just wanted to get your view on this subject. The doctor said it is pretty common in this area. Also otherwise he is super healthy! I just enjoy him so much…. he has become an awesome hiking companion and a reason to get up and get out in the morning! We just love him so much too… he’s a handful at times and other times he is an angel! I can’t help but adore him!


Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup and a loveable family member! I’m sorry I don’t have any new pictures of him to send you. I know you’ve seen them all on Facebook already! Haha!


Have a wonderful evening! 😀 Jeanne & Zeus 

What you Need to Know…

Giardia can be nasty stuff. It can be difficult to get rid of, and to avoid. If it is in the environment, and the conditions are right, it can spread like a wildfire. Bring you own water when you go hiking, and insist they drink it. Clean their feet, so they don’t ingest the cysts. Sanitize your yard with a garden sprayer containing bleach and water (10% solution). Bleach-water at this strength is not going to harm your plantings (in our experience). We recommend trying it, before using it. Getting rid of Giardia is important enough to give the sanitation serious thought.

It is important to know about this one-celled parasite. It is very opportunistic, and it is especially a problem for the young pups. It can present as if they have Parvo. It is scary. Of course, it is not as deadly as Parvo, but dehydration could be life-threatening. If you are concerned, get a fecal check done. A very loose stool, can be associated with this (or other) parasites. Treatment can turn the situation around very quickly, and early detection is important. Please check out these links:

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  1. that are really evil parasites, I’ve read that 10% of the world population is contaminated. I hope Zeus’s vet can eliminate this nasty devils.

  2. I did not mention this, but some dogs are carriers without a sign. Giardia is probably nearly everywhere, and in some areas it is prevalent. :O) Nasty, evil, little gut-sucking one-celled interlopers.

  3. maybe I’m on the right way when I give Easy only bottled water (our water supply system is probably built by the romans and the water has a weird smell sometimes) :o)

  4. I think you are being smart. Birdies can track stuff into the preferred puddle water, and some of it cause reek havoc on the gut. :O)

  5. My dogs and I are out and about everywhere so as a preventitive I give DE, acidophilus, pumpkin, minced garlic on a regular basis. I feel this really helps their system and it can’t hurt them.

  6. What is DE — my brain is tired. Do you mean Diatomaceous Earth? I am thinking that is what you mean, because it helps make the gut less than parasite-friendly.

  7. Thank You! I just wanted to be sure we were on the same page. I just refer to it as dirt………..”Cliff, did you put dirt on the pup’s food?”

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