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Taking my Weimaraner pup, Sunny, to work sailing with me from the very beginning presented some challenges. I focused on making sure I didn’t allow him to be put into a situation that he would surely fail. For example: many people love to play rough with a puppy with their hands, often roughing up their faces. Then when the pup goes crazy play biting with their razor teeth, the person yells “NO” at the pup. Pups clearly can’t control themselves when they are young when people play in this manner, and it’s not fair to the pup to expect them not to bite, in my opinion. I controlled how people played (and interacted) with Sunny. I substituted toys, and in lieu of letting people engage the pup with their hands. Hundreds of people have interacted with Sunny over the last two years, and he loves everybody. We still have our challenges for sure, but overall, we’ve found a balance.

Breeder’s Note: Thank you Rod for sharing your unique situation with us. We know you have made  several adjustments over the last couple of years. Sunny doesn’t sail with you all the time. Nevertheless, Sunny has a grand life. You have a friend, and companion. The reason you have been successful is you worked through the situation. You were in control. You were going to overcome the obstacles, and work through the problems. You were not easy on Sunny, nor did you let him reel out of control. That doesn’t mean you were mean, but it does indicate that you required him to act according to a certain way. At the same time, you did not set him up for failure. You are right–people often bait their pups with the rough play, and then they are upset by the biting. Pups bite. Weimaraner puppy biting is horrendous at best. You don’t want to fuel the desire to engage with their mouth–especially things that are not appropriate.

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  1. Sunny is wonderful a real sunny boy :o) I would like to have a boat, but sadly my mom is the seasickness on two legs :o) Rod is totally right for the biting and the rough playing…

  2. He made this comment–thought I needed to share his points. They are invaluable……

  3. Wow….I haven’t seen all those photos together! What a gorgeous weimaraner I’m blessed with! Thank you.

  4. Rod you have sent them to us over a period of time. I just grabbed what we had in the file. I thought it was a good example. You did something that was extra challenging, but it worked for you–and for Sunny! Thanks for being a great owner. We are blessed to know you!

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