A Puppy Comes Home, Then What?

We still remember the guy from Alaska trying to convince he should get a puppy no questions asked. Soon, (very soon) into a dialogue with us, he realized we would like to have some contact with him over the life of the pup. Clearly, this was a distasteful thought in that he wrote….

What, I want is to get the puppy and be done with you! I don’t want to have to check with you ever again.

It is a lot of work for the breeder to care enough to stay in touch. In our way of thinking, if you raise the puppy, you should provide some level of support. This might include education, a guarantee, and a return policy. The degree to which you do these things speaks to your commitment to the breed, and the pup’s future. Don’t get us wrong. No one can guarantee everything, on every level. Nonetheless, there should be some kind of a “true” guarantee of basic health.

Breeders who are there for you…

That makes me smile

That makes me smile

One thing you learn using the stay-in-touch process (which is much easier in the Internet-age) is this can unfold in various ways. Some people write novels. Some people send you a sentence at best. Some folks send photos only. Regardless, you realize that all is as expected. As with humans, some pups have more issues than others. During the early period when the immune system is developing, you are more apt to run into minor infections, and whatnot. In truth, there is little a breeder can do about these things, but they can assure you it is normal. Sometimes they might question the method of treatment, and make a suggestion.

People who get their pup elsewhere…

We get a goodly number of requests. Some of these come Internationally. I know; you would not think that would happen, but there are Weimlovers, who use the Internet throughout the world. We have made a few persons unhappy when we suggested they should get help from their own breeder. Some have written their breeder will not help them. On occasion, we can offer a quick bit of advice. In reality, we don’t have time (or the responsibility) to take care of other people’s clients.

For Our OwyheeStar Weimlovers…

wrigley 3We will purpose to do our best for you. We are not always instant, and available. Nevertheless, we do what we are able to do. Those that have known us the longest would attest to the fact that we have helped them through at least one hiccup. We value our relationship. We cannot do everything everyone asks of us. We can do what we promise to do. We feel this is important, and somehow we believe you would agree with us. 🙂

We sincerely hope we don’t only hear from you when there is a problem.

About OwyheeStar

We are Professional Weimaraner breeders--with forty years experience at raising puppies. For many years, we have focused exclusively on the Weimaraner! If you are considering the Weimaraner, or live with one, we welcome you to sign up to our blog. We sincerely hope you will find the information, the stories, and varied posts insightful (as well as entertaining). To those who live with an OwyheeStar Weimaraner, we send special thanks. We appreciate the photos, the news, and your friendship. Thank you for being a part of the extended OwyheeStar family.

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  1. I am one of the ones you probably hear from way too much and that writes a novel and sends too many pictures BUT I love my OwyheeStar Weim and YOU both have been there far above expectations with suggestions and support. Even though I have had many many dogs and have trained many including a couple weims, this is the first time I have owned one (actually 2 on our shared property), they are DIFFERENT then most breeds. Yes we have had our hiccups and will continue to since they are still pups. I researched and searched for a reputable breeder before getting one and am 200% satisfied with the BEST Weimaraner breeder!!

  2. It’s so great that you are always there for your clients, I wish all breeders would support their clients that way. I feel sad when I read or hear statements like the one the guy from Alaska wrote. To get a pup from a breeder is a matter of confidence for both sides, so to grab a puppy and out of sight out of mind is no way.

  3. Ahhhhhh you made me cry. Thank You!

  4. Thank you for the comment. Yes, That statement haunted me for a long time. At the same time, I was glad he didn’t get a pup from us. We both know he found one, and the breeder was delighted to part him from his cash–never to hear another word. :O)

  5. Great article, I think all reputable, responsible breeders should be like this. I always tell my puppy buyers to please contact me when they BEGIN to have a problem, as that is the best time to find a successful solution, not after the problem has been going on for six months or whatever. Just about everything can be fixed if we get on it quickly! Dogs are living creatures and every puppy buyer is different, we try our best to make successful placements and wish that the puppy and their family have a good, long life together. Many of my puppy buyers from many years ago still stay in touch, even after their beloved pet has passed from old age! Thanks for all you do, Willow sends a Weimar Hug your way!

  6. Thank You Jan for this comment, and for the Willow Weimar hug too!

  7. Before I saw this comment (on yesterday’s blog), I had put the finishing touch on today’s blog–you and Willow were featured at the bottom. You make us so proud. Thank You for EVERYTHING!

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