The Oreo Cream Counts

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. 


OwyheeStar’s Kona and his best friend share a heart-to-heart moment

Krista of WordPress (Daily Prompt: If You Leave)–Life is a series of beginnings and endings.We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

The Cream is What We Live For…

I'll Have the Double Stuff, Thank You!

I’ll Have the Double Stuff, Thank You!

This is never truer than with a pet. Sadly, none of these wonderful creatures (that bless us in ways ink doesn’t do justice), live long enough. The average pet-lover will have several pets in their lifetime. For the dog lover, the tally falls somewhere between two and twelve. People who have consecutive multiple pets, can rack up even larger numbers. Each one is unique, and life-changing. We learn a lot about ourselves from our pets. They hold our confidences safe; they keep our deepest secrets without fail. They love us unconditionally when we least deserve it. In the end, we are better for having known them. The designation of mankind’s best friend is well-deserved.

Starting the Journey

Every Weim's Drive--To be in the driver's seat

Every Weim’s Dream–To be in the driver’s seat

Beginnings are important. The first seven years of a child’s life, or the initial seven weeks of a pup’s life, can never be gotten back. If it didn’t go well, it doesn’t mean all is lost. Nevertheless, a good start should not be underestimated. This all happens early in the process; it begins before the pup arrives to its forever home. At the home-coming juncture, a second beginning commences. It is equally important; it is a different type of balancing act (one of raising the new baby), as well of earning their respect. You may feel as thought you have stumbled in the dark, or find yourself not knowing what to do. Don’t worry too much about these things. Focus on the little triumphs, and soon you will be moving ahead. The initial rocky-road will be in the rear-view mirror.

The Top Cookie, and the first bite of Cream

The Top Cookie (which symbolizes the start) is important, but getting to the cream is why we are willing to endure eventual loss, as well as to suffer through the hard-work involved in raising the little gem. It is true that the puppy breath, the puppy kisses, and the sweet baby-moments almost compensate entirely for the work (and the puppy bites). Nevertheless, finding ourselves sleep-deprived, and in the thick of the process, might make us question whether the scale is balanced in our favor.

"It's my turn Indy"

“It’s my turn Indy”

By the time the Weimaraner is four months old, they begin to look adult-like, and yet, they are still a puppy on every other level. We long for a well-behaved (trained) Weimaraner; and sometimes it is here we push too hard. Be patient, and use self-restraint. Make this time about getting compliance, but at the same time do so in the right manner. Don’t forget to get (and maintain) respect with the loose leash heeling on a daily basis.

Beyond the basics, this is where you begin to enjoy the cream of your efforts. Glimpses of glory make an appearance. The early puppy-stage is ebbing away. We are sad to say good-bye to the tiny puppy-looks; however, excitement over our progress takes hold. There are ups-and-downs. One day the young Weimaraner comes when called; the next, they seem to have gone deaf. Whats up with that? Let me tell you. They like to test the limits. Don’t get bent out of shape when they suddenly fail to come when called; go get them and bring them to where you were when you first called them. Hook them up, and take a walk around the yard–get compliance on the leash. Win the small battles one at a time.

"I called Shotgun!!"

“I called Shotgun!!”

It is no secret that the Weimaraner wants to be in the driver’s seat. They are very creative in the way in which they go about getting there. If they are unable to get you to roll-over, (and let them have control), they will resort to manipulative behaviors. This is when being cute, creative, clever, entertaining, and shrewd come in handy. You need to be on your toes; and a little ahead of the curve. The way to do this, is to stick with the basics–master loose leash heel, sit-stay, down-stay, and come–followed by the sit-stay. Concurrent with your efforts, plan to have fun. Keep your sessions upbeat, shorter (rather than longer), laced with fun activities, and remember to always end on a positive note. This will build a deep, lasting, and respectful relationship. Remember respect is a two-way street; get them to be respectful of you. At the same time be sure you are being respectful in your manner to them. This doesn’t mean letting them walk all over you.

The Cream Filling –The Reason We Go There

You are approaching the one-year birthday. Your puppy is full-grown-looking, and fairly well trained. You are beginning to enjoy the results of the months of work. Your consistent follow through has netted good results. Take a breath it is not over yet.

The Weimaraner is still going to test the limits from time-to-time. They can do some pretty strange things; and this teenage-like behavior might erupt any time up until the third birthday. This is true even for the well-trained Weimaraner. For those folks that do not master the basics, all bets are off. Behavior issues can crop up any time. In general by the time the Weimaraner reaches their second birthday, they should have mastered all the basics. They should have earned a measure of freedom (the amount will vary from Weim-to-Weim).

Most people want to get the training done, and to go on about their business. Who would not want to enjoy as much cream as possible? We know of no one that would hope to stay at the training stage indefinitely.

Beyond the Cream Filling and the first cookie

No one wants to think about endings. We want our saga to go on forever. The reality is they will not be with long enough ever. Any time you reach fourteen years, and above you are walking on water so to speak. Equate this to humans. If you live to be ninety, you have seen a lot of your friends, and family leave this earth before you. We read where about 17% of the people your age will read their 90th birthday. According to some charts, a fifteen-year old Weimaraner would be like you living to be ninety-three years old. We all want to live to be ninety or older, but it may not happen.

Therefore, we know that each day is a beautiful gift. We realize that some will not make it to fifteen years. A few will be lost to an accident. Some are lost to crazy illnesses, disease, or cancer. No matter the quality of life, and care we provide, we can keep them with us only so long. This thought is heartbreaking. In the end, we have them in our lives, because it is all so worth it. We don’t like endings, but beginnings, and endings are a package deal.

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  1. What a fabulous post, I enjoyed every word. And I agree: they want to be in the drivers seat :o)

  2. Great posts this week! New beginnings are awesome and yup ends are extremely hard and there is never another like the former they are all so different. Thanks for all the words of wisdom and encouragement.

  3. We are happy that you enjoyed the posts.

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