Dangerous Delicacies Revisited

smileThe Weimaraner will eat almost anything

Dangers are everywhere…

Without question, Weim dangers lurk at every corner.  Although we are not the type to see a devil behind every bush, with a Weim if there is something untoward they will find it.  Hey, they will probably eat it.

Menu choices are unique…

We are positive Winchester is dreaming of eating something scrumptious, and smiling while he sleeps. The menu choices are many, and the kitchen counter is not sacred. (Oops) However, the kitchen is only one place to look for a special Weim delicacy to savor. The list of locations is lengthy, and at the same time shocking. As the saying goes, On the Weimaraner’s lips for a moment, and possibly wreaking havoc in the gut soon thereafter.

A friend who is a Vet Tech, related this story to us.

Someone brought in their dog to be boarded because they were going on vacation. The newly hired kennel-assistant was cleaning up. There was quite a ruckus, and clearly, her new helper was extremely alarmed by what he found. He hollered for her assistance.   One of the dogs vomited a huge pile of odd-looking gunk.  Cora being the pro she is, took a look and extracted something from the pile.  She deftly rinsed away the yuck (from years of experience at doing so), and they discovered three pairs of lacy panties.  The young man queried whether if they should save them or not, and Cora assured him that getting rid of them would be the right thing. This story is not a unique. It makes more sense than many things that are ingested. Your socks, underwear, and personal items carry your body scent, which any self-respecting Weimaraner may find irresistible.

Owner’s Clothing are a delicacy

It might seem odd to us; however, many dogs (even other breeds) choose to ingest their owner’s clothing. In fact, many dogs seem to be more apt to seek out the occasional sock or panty in lieu of finding a tasty leftover. Possibly, they view it as just deserts. Reports of Weims ingesting socks, underwear, or other clothing abound.  Raiding clothing hampers is second only to counter surfing. Many a Weim has snatched a bra and then paraded through the house waving it with delight.  What a find! These moments though both embarrassing and entertaining, also can lead to a veterinary emergency. Ingesting fabric can lead to intestinal distress or even blockage. Blockage in turn can lead to infection and sepsis. Sepsis can escalate quickly resulting in the loss of your Weim’s life. However, it the item makes it through on its own, you might find yourself extracting what protrudes. Yes, it is disgusting, but what we do for these wonderful creatures is book fodder.

Shocking and Disconcerting fit the situation…

The dangerous delectable list will include (but is not limited to) dish-clothes, sponges, rocks, wash cloths, and even electronic devices.  Normally, things like remote controls, cell phones, PDAs, iPods, and such are ingested in bits and pieces. Batteries can be fatal.  Coins, nails, and bits of plastic are on the menu too! Choosing to ingest something that smells like a beloved human is less disregarding than the rock-ingesting that goes on. Regardless, the Weimaraner’s humans are usually stunned when this behavior becomes evident; sometimes the variety of items that interest a Weim can be surprising. This list of delicious delectable Weim-favorites can go on and on.  The nibbling of their (and your) bedding makes the list.  We used to have what we called nothing but French Bedding.  French bedding features Weim-scalloped edges. Our idea of French Bedding will never become the rage, but at times has been our bedding of choice.

(Sadly, in 2013) Turbo crossed over the rainbow bridge, but his antics live on….

A Mike Waite and Turbo2A goodly number of Christmases ago we got a message that Turbo was not acting normal. He wasn’t vomiting or doing anything odd; however, Mike and Monica noticed he was not himself.  She asked for our advice, and we told her to keep her eyes on him.  The next thing we heard she decided to take him to the Veterinary office.  An X-ray revealed a piece of wire in his stomach requiring surgical extraction. Turbo had surgery, and the cast-off artificial Christmas branch was extracted.  He was no worse for wear, thereafter; the trash-can was more secure. (Note: Michael has a new helper that goes to work with him, trying to fill the large paw prints left by the notorious Turbo. Magnum is doing well).

We tell you these stories to give you a window into a typical Weim owner’s life, and to help you understand how a Weim thinks.  Keep in mind, the Weimaraner will out grow these antics.  We could never bring up the topic of concrete thinking too often. Once a Weim is enamored with anything they are extremely obsessive-compulsive.

Rocks, are you serious?

If rocks are your Weim’s obsession, you will want to watch them closely. Our Dusty ingested a rock. Our Veterinary bill exceeded $2,000. Since then, Dusty cannot be unsupervised in any rocky area. He still loves rocks. We have used some aversion therapy. It has been many years, but we will not take a risk. We don’t want to lose him over a silly incident like ingesting a rock. We realize other breeds do things like this; however, the Weimaraner has a propensity for it.

Edibles can be dangerous too…

IMG_0607If all of these things are not enough there are other edibles that are dangerous–toxic  Some of these things are commonplace in our home–raisins, grapes, and macadamia nuts to mention few that might be found in your kitchen.

Outside, there is the deadly cocoa mulch, as well as many plants that you may not realize are toxic if ingested.  Some plants and substances can cause a severe anaphylactic reaction. For example, rolling in some bark mulch, or certain grasses may cause a provoke a reaction. This happened to Sahra. Be aware of what the Weimaraner is doing, and supervision is the best insurance you can buy. This is never truer than with the young Weimaraner puppy. Everything goes in a puppy’s mouth.

Prevention is important, but what if?

Knowing what to do, could save your Weimaraner’s life. Keep the right products on hand, and the veterinary phone handy. Sometimes inducing vomiting is the right thing, and other times it would not be the best thing to do. Regardless, it is good to be aware of this option (and prepared).


Breeder’s Note: As always, please check with your Veterinary of choice. Should your pup ingest something, most of the time is best to get them to vomit.  The goal being whatever they just swallowed may come right back up. Timing is important. If they don’t expel the item, then you will need to get an X-ray. Depending upon what was ingested, you might just be able to watch them closely. If they become lethargic, fail to eliminate, or start vomiting take them to a Veterinary clinic immediately.

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  1. I bet oral b or phillips would hire winchester immediately for their commercials :o) I’m afraid the menu card of a weimaraner is as endless as the universe. Fortunately the panties are still complete, just some socks are missed.

  2. Only socks, …..that is super great. Well, it is good them came on through. Yes, Winchester could look into doing a floss commercial.

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