Charlie Blue’s First Summer


Charlie Blue had a fantastic summer. We took her fishing, swimming, camping, and canoeing. We also took her to Oregon to visit family and friends.IMAG4548-1-1 We learned how well she gets along with other dogs even when they don’t warm up to her right away.

IMAG4558-1She does well in the water, but if she gets into deep water she panics a little and tries to climb onto the closest person. I was hoping she would go dock diving with the rest of the family, but she didn’t want to. Maybe next time 🙂IMAG4560-1-1

IMAG4672-1We were amazed at how well Charlie Blue did on her first canoe ride. She is angel when the whole family is in the canoe. It was a completely different experience when my husband took her fishing by himself. She paced back and forth, she barked, and she jumped out several times. I guess she does better in a boat when she has less room to move around.

On our last camping trip, Charlie rolled around on a dead fish. Pee-yew! My husband and I had a big debate about whether or not she was going to sleep in the tent. In the end, Charlie slept with us in the tent. It wasn’t too bad, but she did smell like rotten fish for a few days 🙂IMAG4762

IMAG4196-1One of my favorite Charlie Blue moments was when our toddler started racing toward the sidewalk. Charlie ran as fast as she could, came to a complete stop, and then bumped her nose on Sophie’s bottom so that she fell gently in the grass.

IMAG5139-1-1-2It is interesting how our relationships with Charlie have developed.

We got her for our son’s fifth birthday, but it seems that she has become our daughter’s dog. Sophie is 17 months old and already tells Charlie to sit and gives her treats. Our daughter’s laughter fills the house when they play together. It really is amazing how gentle Charlie is with her.

IMAG4624-1-1IMAG4614-1-1IMAG4728Charlie is getting better and better at retrieving. She used to like to play keep-away after she fetched the ball, but now she drops it, sits, and waits for the next throw.IMAG5287

Charlie is incredibly stubborn. We spoil her with toys and bones, but I still have to take shoes and kiddo toys away from her every day. She does well with commands, but she still pulls on the lease despite the training collar.

IMAG4649-1My dad has had many Weims in his life and warned us about how difficult they can be. Charlie’s stubbornness if definitely frustrating at times. A lot of our friends think she is a complete spaz, but we learned that one of our friends had a Weim several years ago. It was refreshing to talk to someone who understands these dogs. After seeing pictures and reading stories about Charlie on facebook, they decided they want to get another Weim 🙂

My husband and dad are looking forward to taking Charlie hunting. She goes on point when she sees quail on the greenbelt. She also went on point when she saw our friend’s chickens. We are excited to see how she does on her first hunting trip.

Life just wouldn’t be the same without our spazzy, stubborn, gentle, 50 pound lap dog. We love you Charlie Blue!IMAG4753-1-1

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  1. She is just great! I’m glad she has such a fabulous family, they even ignore the dead fish :o)
    Is it more common for female dogs to roll around in “sleazy” things?

  2. Well, I could joke that that some slum with sleazy male sorts; but I am told the more hunt-potential Weims will roll in the scented lovelies of this world. I suggested they might want to tuck in some deskunk shampoo, or take along at least some vinegar to cut the smell. 🙂

  3. Fortunately it seems that I have not enough hunt-potential :o) Once our terrier took a bath in pork muck, that kind of eau the toilette was resistant to all shampoos :o)

  4. Some not so hunt-potential Weims will roll in it too, but they say the most hunt potential Weims are drawn to it.

    Ewe…..even the very good skunk shampoo.

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