Winchester has perfect defects……no return ever!

Dear Weim Manufacturer,

Winchester is interesting. Always. When I tell people I have a Weimaraner, they always say “oh, they are so high-strung”.  I always agree. I don’t want them to know exactly how wonderfully perfect, or entertaining, or loving this weim behaves.  The following photos show some of his perfect “defects”.  Don’t worry. We will never return him. ;0)

I smile pretty

I smile pretty

He is very happy. Especially on the bed.

win pillow

He is very happy. Especially when the boy is home from college. The boy is happy. Winchester is a great pillow.

under pilHe is very happy. And clever. It’s cooler under the bed? Hiding?

drinkThis is a minor defect. This is Winchester. He is perfect. He drinks water like this always.

Winchester gives me lip…

There’s a lot going on here. I’m trying to FaceTime my daughter. Winchester is on top of me because he thinks he’s a lap dog. He always does this with his lip. It was a short conversation because I couldn’t stop lip

Dear Shela and Cliff-

I hope you are having a little giggle. We love this guy, and of course I mention that we acquired him from a wonderful family in Oregon.  I am stopped often because of his color,disposition, and overall appearance. There are so many more silly moments. And many not caught on camera. He’s up to date on shots. Important because he caught a rat and a bunny in the past month (we have a large dry creek bed next to our house). The humans were far more entertaining that go around. Trust me…Winchester was just doing his job and we did a fine job screaming holy heck. I’m sure the neighbors wonder what is going on over here. Our Weimaraner is not high strung. We are!!!

I’ve been keeping him busy running/walking him and car rides since his Big Guy passed on (Bruno). My sis-in-law visits with her 3 dogs as well.  But we are wanting another puppy. From you. I admire how you raise your dogs. It’s not just a business. That’s very obvious. I laughed-I told my husband that even Bruno – at 15, was a pistol-taking bread bags off the counter. I had to scold him.  Winchester is really a very good boy.

Please use what you like for your awesome blog. It’s a great tool on many levels. It really helped lift our spirits after Bruno passed. I know this is lengthy, but I wanted to thank you. Winchester came into our lives at the perfect time.

Have a great weekend!


San Antonio

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