Charlie Mae, Murphy, and Mace….

And then there were 3…..

The Gang!3??!!??!  Are we crazy?  Yes we are, crazy about Weimaraner!  As a friend pointed out, we just need a Blue Longhair to complete our “Set” now!!! Jill, Elle, and Murphy!We just took the newest family member for his 12 week appt.  Murphy is 21 Lbs! (he was 12.4 Lbs at 9 weeks)  I have a feeling we are going to have a 65-75 Lb Weim on our hands.Murphy is growing to be a Big Boy!  (the Tongue seems to be a regular visitor in pictures with him!)

Murphy saying hello to his Big Sister and Big Brother from the kitchen “Puppy Pen”

Murphy saying hello to his Big Sister and Big Brother from the kitchen “Puppy Pen”

Murphy is a good looking boy!We picked up Murphy from our friends at Owyheestar at his 8 week b-day and he’s been happily integrating into our family ever since.

He certainly has his own personality compared to the other two.. He’s for sure less “bitey” than Charlie Mae was at this same age (we got Mace at an older age so we can’t compare with him).  We couldn’t hardly have Charlie with us in bed at this age without some toy for her to chew on.  Murphy likes to play, but not really into chewing on us YEA!! Potty Training still is ongoing, we’ve had a few accidents, but we are working on this together.  He’s started to learn to ring the bell on the door to go outside, but so far it’s just been to get a drink on his own (which is a start as this was the same behavior Charlie had).  The other bell rings are provoked by us taking him out on a regular interval to have a potty break. Murphy at 8 weeks Winking and Sticking his tongue out at us to say hello..Crate Training is ongoing, I think he is fine with it overall, but he would REALLY REALLY just rather be in bed with Mom and Dad, especially in the AM when it’s a little chilly in the house.  Now that he’s bigger, he’s joined the his “Big Sister and Big Brother” in the Dog house in the garage when we are gone during the day.  He seems to be much happier in here with his friends than alone in his bedtime crate.

Murphy and Charlie bonding on the camping trip

Murphy and Charlie bonding on the camping trip

They all happily chill out in there together for several hours at a time.  We had a Fair day this last week where they were primarily in the Dog House for 12 hours (with friends giving them breaks ever 4 hours).  When we got home, they didn’t seem to have suffered any ill effects at all J Charlie Mae (~11 months old) has graduated from her crate at night, she is fully potty trained and as of recently (last couple months) refrained from bringing shoes and such outside when un-attended.  She is still on probation though..  Mace LOVES his crate and RUNS into it every night…

First camping trip with 3 Weims.. I went through a-lot of poop bags!

First camping trip with 3 Weims.. I went through a-lot of poop bags!

So until he shows some signs of wanting to move out, we are happy to just let him be in his happy place.  Since school started for my Daughter, Mace is LESS than happy to have to be getting up extra early.  For months now, when we told Charlie Mae to go to bed, she would run inside and jump on our bed.. we’d assist her to her own crate and she would be ok with it, but would just prefer to be in with Mom and Dad. Mace (~11 months old) is just our big goofy/happy boy.  He wants nothing more than to be by our side and live life to its fullest. Both Charlie and Mace have taken to Murphy as a part of the family.  It seems to me that Charlie Mae is especially enjoying this new member as the two of them seem to play quite frequently.  Mace will play with Murphy, but he’s just a little more rough so I think Murphy seeks out Charlie.

3 Dog Butts!

3 Dog Butts!

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  1. They are wonderful – but I’m not sure if I would survive 3 Weimaraners :o)

  2. It is not for everybody.

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