Molly performs in Idaho versatile hunt test

Molly scores 69 out 70 possible points

Molly_2cMolly’s success at the Fall VHDF (Versatile Hunting Dog Federation) Hunt Test is very exciting; both for Me as her owner and You as her breeder.

I’m hoping we have another strong showing at NAVDHA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) Hunt Test; however, I am want to remain calm–not to get too excited.

How we achieved the results…

Molly is from the Mousse X Benton litter and was born on August 30 2012.  I started working her when she was about 3 months old by dragging a dead pheasant around for about 6 weeks.  When she started getting enthusiastic about playing with the bird, I started planting a live one over at RKC Pheasants in Parma (on Rick’s farm).  These bird plants required Molly perform only about a 20 yard search.  This process lasted about 8 weeks.  After that, I started pounding the preserves with 4-6 bird plants, gradually increasing the distance of the plants and spread.  She really showed her stuff to me for the first-time last April at the Blonhaven Hunt Club in Wisconsin where she was paired with a five-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever with extensive hunting experience and pointed six of the nine birds we shot.   In early June, Cliff and I met at your place, and he worked with me on pigeons. During our visit, we talked about the test-structure; that helped me better prepare–know what to expect.  Cliff also helped get Molly to swim.  In addition to all this, I took her to a couple of training sessions with the local gun dog clubs to get her used to working in larger groups.

Molly’s Home Life

Molly_1On the home front, she has two brothers… Milo who is a Chihauhau (her best friend)…and Mac who is a Boston Terrier (Mack is ten so he doesn’t like the active play as much).  During her free time she loves chasing after squirrels with Milo in the back yard.  She also attends doggy daycare at Camp Bow Wow a couple days a week where she can play with another Weimaraner named “Jake” and a few other dogs.  This gives her a place to spend all that Weimaraner energy and work on those social skills.

Looking Ahead

We are looking forward to the Treasure Valley NAVHDA natural ability test on October 6th where we hope to replicate our VHDF success.  We also have a planned pheasant hunting trip to North Dakota during the last week of October where she will be partnering with a German Shorthair named Shelby. In the meantime, we are going to start working on her retrieve to hand and a few other things to see if we can fine tune ahead of NAVDHA.

Breeder’s Comments

Rod and Molly have done everything right. There have been a lot of birds, and these happened early. Their systematic, and broad-based approach is ideal for creating a well-balanced outcome. Of course, fist the Weimaraner must have the potential. Secondly, the handler has to figure out how to bring out the Weimaraner’s natural ability. Do not be deceived by the terminology. Natural ability is not as easy as it sounds. The participants are scored on several areas. There is a possibility of ten points in each. When a dog performs beyond the expectations, they can be rewarded a bonus point. Each one of these areas can lead to a problem. For example, a dog might refuse to get into the water. That affects scores in other areas, as you might imagine. This will give you some idea of what must be accomplished. Please note that no one got to the test with a camera. (Oops)


Search –10

Pointing –10

Track—11  they gave a bonus point on that




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  1. Congratulations Molly – you are wonderful!

  2. Molly thanks you for the kind comment :O)

  3. Molly appreciates your comment.

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